Wednesday, 20 December 2017

What's On Your Desk Wednesday - Week 446

Ah, the last WOYWW before Christmas and it's a super busy time for me and, no doubt, for you all too. So, such as it is, here's my desk today.
For much of the week it's been the present wrapping station hence the Sellotape dispenser and dish of labels. It will stay there for the time being, there's still some last minute wrapping to do. Every year I vow to be more organised and every year I fail ... miserably. There's a reason, too, for the fabric, old jeans and alphabet templates ...
Zipper bag made from old denim jeans decorated with an appliqued letter - the initial of the recipient. I've filled this one with toiletries.

I've also been busy batch-making cards.
I think it is safe to show these today as I believe they should have been received by now. These were for the UKPC craft group swap for Christmas - the theme being animals/birds at Christmas. They involved lots of stamping, die-cutting and gluing and it was the nearest I've ever come to a production line!

That's me done for this week. It just leaves me to wish you all a wonderful holiday whatever you are doing and however you celebrate. No doubt there will be lots of messy desks and happy photos to see next Wednesday.

In the meantime, Happy WOYWW to you all.


  1. Sweet Christmas cards! :)

    Merry Christmas and a happy WOYWW this week!
    Sussie nr 16

  2. Hi Elizabeth, what an ace toiletry bag. Looks amazing. Love the cards too, beautiful design. Have a lovely Christmas, Love & Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  3. I love the denim zipper bag you’ve made Ellie as I’m sure the recipient will too. Let’s make a pact to both be better organised next year cos I say the same each year and never quite manage it either.
    I would like to wish you and your lovely hubby a very happy Christmas and hope you get lots of rest and pampering before next week.
    Annie x #7

  4. Oh my, that wash bag is great! I love the denim/tartan combo - in fact I may have to 'borrow' the idea :-D. Clever girl, you really do have some great ideas.
    Hope you and the EM have a wonderful Christmas - it was so wonderful to meet up again at the Crop and give you a big hug :-D
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxxx

  5. love that little bag,great idea!! the cards look fabulous... Hope you have a very Happy Christmas Helen #1

  6. Hi Elizabeth. What a lovely zipped bag - such a great gift. Those cards are beautiful - I don't do production lines either! Have a very special Christmas season.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  7. Hi Elizabeth. That's a lovely gift, the zipper bag from recycled jeans. Very creative. I hope you have a lovely Christmas Heather #32

  8. Love the denim initial bag, what a fab idea. You really are frightfully handy Miss Elizabeth. Also loving the fact that you’ve found time for swap cards as well. Amazing. My desk was a mess of wrapping and I was beginning to despair of ever getting it done, but as you see, it’s in the clear for now!! Boy, what a mess it makes though!! Was great to see you in Llandudno, really a highlight. Hope we can keep doing that! Love to the management, and to you both for a Happy Christmas!

  9. Oh wow Elizabeth that bag is wonderful, I so love it. Nice collection of cards too. Have a good Christmas and a great woyww too, Angela x8x

  10. Merry Christmas Elizabeth. That denim toiletry bag made from jeans is genius; cute cards too! Have a good week. Sarah #9

  11. I always say I will be more organised next year, haha think I will make Christmas 25th November then I would be done in time for 25th December. Love the toilet bag and the batch cards. Have a good Christmas. Anickoana#20

  12. Have a Happy Christmas and a Crafty New Year BJ#27


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