Wednesday, 31 May 2017

WOYWW - Week 417

Afternoon Everyone,

It's the Wednesday after the big 8th anniversary of Julia's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and I'm here with a HUGE apology to just about everyone! To those deskers I didn't manage to visit and to those still waiting for promised ATCs. There's a good reason for my tardiness - this might even top last week's bird episode. I fell out of bed! And somehow pulled a muscle in my groin. Getting out of bed should be easy but not when you have excruciating cramp in your leg it isn't. I tried to jump out of bed, got caught up in the duvet and ended up on the floor all caught up, and not able to get up again. I did eventually manage to stand up but not before I did myself damage. Happily, it's not so painful today but I'm still shuffling about like an old woman!

And that explains why there isn't a lot on my desk today. Just my planner. When I was in paid employment I ordered a planner each year from a source over the pond but since I retired (7 years ago!) I've found most planners aren't really suitable for someone with my lifestyle. They are usually geared to students, work or busy mothers, or even working mothers, but not for someone whose lifestyle doesn't include business meetings, conference calls, etc., any longer. Happily, this year I discovered this Busy Days planner. The page layout is just about perfect. I can even be creative, in a scrapbook sort of way, with it. For example, adding photos, stickers, enamel dots, etc. Hence the colourful pens. I found these at my local Tesco supermarket. Perfect for the job and at £3 for 10 they're dirt cheap too.

I was immensely cheered this week when I received these celebratory ATCs.

This one is from Shaz, Silverwolf Cards. There's lots of lovely detail in the stamping and I love the background.

Annie, aka Wipso, at a Stitch In Time made this one. The background is a lighter shade of brown in real life - my camera had problems picking the colour up. It's beautifully sewn with the teensiest-weensiest patchwork ever.

And this last one is from Annie's sister, Jo, aka Twiglet. A perfect little seashore themed dumfling with sea pinks. Reminds me of holidays in Cornwall.

The ATCs from Annie and Jo were accompanied by one of Annie's delightful poems. She's so talented!

Thank you to you all - they are wonderful little works of art.

It's a short-ish post this week. Not a lot to report at all. I'm hoping to do rather better on the visiting front this week and, just as soon as I'm walking again, I'll get the promised ATCs in the post. Right now though I think I'll shuffle off to make a recuperative cuppa.

Have a great WOYWW and a wonderful week.


Annie said...

Really glad the aches and pains are a little better today Ellie. We don't bounce quite as well the older we get do we? Sending you big hugs.
Annie x #17

Sarah Brennan said...

Sorry to hear of your mishap. here's hoping you have recovered fully soon. That planner looks interesting. Pen bargain! Happy WOYWW Sarah #22

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh Elizabeth, what a thing to happen - you must be so sore. I hope that you're improving a little by now, steady does it. I do love the look of planners but know for a fact that if I bought one, it would stay on the shelf unopened, lol! It's good to know that you're enjoying that one so much.
Hugs, LLJ 18 xxx

Di said...

Oh Elizabeth - I feel your pain! Sending healing hugs.

Di xx

Helen said...

I am so sorry to hear of your slip... hope the pain goes soon. I love your atcs. Helen #5

Twiglet said...

Oh dear - it's so easy to do yourself damage and so unexpected it shakes you up doesn't it. I hope your aches and pains are getting better. Glad those little ATCs arrived safely xx Jo

Lindart said...

A few years ago I fell out of bed after a nap. I fell onto my shoulder and ended up in the ER, with a torn muscle. It took 7 months to heal and sometimes still bothers me to this day. So I know how embarrassing that can be, and how painful! I hope you heal much quicker than I did! That's a great little set of pens you found! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #41

Katie @ Arnold's Attic said...

What a brilliant table of creativity.
I love the ATC's- stunning!
Have a super week.
Katie #44 xx

Kelly said...

Owie, Elizabeth. I'm happy to hear you are healing. The ATCs you've received are very creative and pretty. I've designed my own planner. So hard to find a daily planner that works with all I do so designing my own seemed the route to go. Glad you've found one you can work with. Creative Blessings! Kelly #36

Megan J said...

Hi Elizabeth, I hope you are feeling much better, night cramps are the worst things, I've ended up crawling out of bed in search of cold floors, only then not able to get back up... love your little planner, a great idea. Have a wonderful week... Megan

April said...

Oh my goodness - those felt art pieces are awesome.
April #45

May said...

O Elizabeth how painful... I get cramp often at night too, groin muscle strain is so painful too take it easy... Love the beautiful ATC's and the planner book is great...Have a happy rest of your week in between resting up... May #19

glitterandglue said...

Oh Elizabeth - ouch! How painful. It's just so easy to doesn't it? Trust you are continuing to recover. Planner looks good - and those pens were a real bargain.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi , sorry I'm late. I seem to be apologising for this on a regular basis at the moment. Oh Elizabeth! I sometimes get cramp in bed so I understand you jumping out like that, you poor thing. Hope it gets better soon. Happy crafty belated woyww, Angela x21x

sandra de said...

Hi Elizabeth, now that is a lovely collection of ATC's. I like the look of those pens and planner.
sandra de @5

Neet said...

Oh Elizabeth, how awful. From someone who suffers now and then with night cramp I can sympathise. Cramp is bad enough but to hurt yourself as well is beyond thinking about. I do hope the pain in your groin disappears soon. I know they say cold for cramp but to be honest I find a hot water bottle to be the best. It seems to release the knot.
So glad you got those lovely atc's - if you want one more just shout. No need for a return.
Sending gentle hugs
Neet xx

Nikki said...

Elizabeth do feel better soon. I hate getting leg cramps, they really mess you up for a while and don't feel bad I'm still playing catch up commenting also. Feel better soon hugs Nikki 10

BJ said...

Oh your planner looks good, would love to see inside and to know where you got it from. Thanks for the visit BJ#11