Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What's On Your Workdesk - Week 339

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to say I was breezing in to join in with WOYWW this week, but it's more tottering than breezing! So much to do and so little time sums up my week so far, and no sign of it getting any better either. Hence the mess on my desk.
What you see is the detritus left over from a male themed birthday card made in haste. Card now winging it's way to the recipient and hopefully on time. The leftovers are still lying out so that I can make one similar for another December birthday. So many December birthdays to make for! Much of what can be seen at the back of the desk is just the usual tools of the trade but there is a box of metallic cord top left and a couple of rolls of labels - out for addressing envelopes - not usually out. Just in view on the right, that's a couple of Scottish calendars waiting to be put in envelopes and sent to Australia - must do today! And the contraption wrapped in cable is an external hard drive. It's there because the EM threatened to bin it. It's a leftover from my working days and contains lots of historical stuff that I no longer need to keep, e.g. my accounts. I've been retired more than 6 years so I think I can safely delete them now and I'm thinking it would be better used to store digital photographs. I just have to work out how to delete the contents ... could take me some time!

So that's how my desk looked earlier today. Somehow it doesn't look so bad in the pic as it does in reality. Oh, that's because I've just dumped more stuff on it!!!

Right, that's me done and now I'm off to check out a as many desks as I can before dinner. I hope you can find the time to pop over to The Stamping Ground and join in the WOYWW blog hop! And if you haven't already but would like to, do join in. It is easy and you'd be very welcome. Just follow Julia's how-to's at the top of her blog.

Have a great day,


Darlene said...

Its a never ending project on our desks isnt it. I have been retired one month and just seem so busy all the time!!!
Good luck with the dxternal drive...i am not very techy somi would have to hire someone to help me lol
Darlene #42

shazsilverwolf said...

It seems wrong to have so many birthdays in December, when we already have enough to do with Christmas, lol. Regarding the hard drive, just plug it into your computer, and when it shows up in the list of drives for your computer, you can format the drive, which will remove all data on it.Hope that helps point you in the right direction. If you get any problems you can't solve, Doug is very good with computers, just message us on FB.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

Annie said...

Hehe it all sounds so here is just manic at the mo. I've finished the table runner you will see on my blog and have been making Picklelily pockets all day....and I've not finished the red dress yet ( and then have the same to do for a purple dress for her). ....oh and I'm expecting even more work tomorrow! Can you tell I'm buzzing?
Hope you have a great week my friend and manage to get all done that you need to.
Annie x. #15

Unknown said...

I have so much trouble making cards for boys, that I buy special patterned paper to keep around just for that! Love your busy desk. Sandy Leigh #43

Artatag said...

To me it seems the older I become the less time I have, although already retired. A day should have 28 hours - at least! Your desk looks wonderful, busy always looks more interesting!
Gabriele 39

April said...

I can totally relate. I have more to do than I have time. :-( Oh well - it will be done eventually.
April #40

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What is it with December and birthdays?? I've got them too but am not making cards..not enough time! You've reminded me, I must get my cards for abroad done, the last posting day will be soon, won't it?
Hope you sort out your hard drive...I wouldn't know where to start!
Hugs, LLJ 7 xx