Saturday, 1 February 2014

Patchwork Quilts and Textile Art Exhibition Part 2 ...

... the part with the photos of Rosie Furlongs crochet work. (Warning - yet another photo-heavy post)
Love the combination of bright colours in the squares and border and the black/white bands.
The mix of oranges, blue and black in this one work really well in this lovely throw.
The little creatures are crocheted separately and then attached to the squares. Again the combination of colours makes the perfect child's blanket.
There was only a few crochet pieces displayed among the quilts, all incredibly inspirational ... I'm now looking at what I crochet in a different way ... especially how I chose colours.

Also scattered around the exhibition were a few super quilted wall-hangings.
The quilt that this blue seaside themed piece is displayed is made entirely with check, plaid and gingham fabrics - another idea to pinch :)

I thought that you might also like to see a few more of Rosie's cushions ... more food for thought :)
Rosie seems to particularly like seaside and fish themes judging by the number of pieces that included them on display.

If you want to visit Dalgarven Mill to view the quilts you better hurry because, sadly, tomorrow is the final day. And it is certainly worth seeing.

I hope you are having a good Saturday and that the weather is being kind to you. We are having bright spells interrupted by showers but it could be so much worse. The news about the south of England is still not good, so if you are facing the possibility of yet more flooding my heart goes out to you, and let's hope for an end to the awful rainstorms - surely it has to stop sometime.

Take card, stay safe and happy crafting,


Krisha said...

WOW! What amazing work!
My family all crocheted, so I know the amount of work that is in these pictures. I can do a basic single and double crochet, but I was the one that picked up a pencil instead of a crochet hook.
I LOVE quilts! I prefer them to blankets any more, but still never learn how to do it.
Thanks for the great share today.

Sandra H said...

"WOW" Elizabeth what amazing creations you have done truly they are stunning xx