Friday 29 November 2013

Friday Smiles

I know, I'm late to the weekly Friday Smile party at Annie's but with good reason ... today's my birthday, again!!! (Birthdays come round all the sooner when you get to my age, sigh) Anyway, I was taken out to lunch and a trip to the craft shop and that's why I'm late :)
This morning I finally got to open all the cards that have been propped up on the mantelpiece ... gorgeous cards made by my friends over at UKPC.
And then there was this card from Di ... absolutely stunning - that sentiment is fabulous.
Next up, was this greeting from Google ... I don't know how they do that but it always puts a smile on my face when it happens :)
And the 'new home' cards keep coming - these are from Sarn and Anne (UKPC). You should see my mantelpiece now - it's looking positively festive :))
Finally, is he not totally adorable? This is my great-grandson, Brodie, who celebrated his first birthday on Thursday. He's gorgeous and looks so cute in that cap and always makes me smile :) It's especially good to see him so alert and smiling because it's only a couple of weeks since he was rushed to A&E after swallowing  a tiny batteries from one of his toys. It happened in seconds!!! From A&E, he was quickly transferred to Yorkhill Children's Hospital in Glasgow and there he was operated on to remove the offending battery which apparently, because it was stuck in his oesophagus, could have corroded and caused a lot more damage than it did!

So, as you can see, I've had a lot to smile about today.


Annie said...

Firstly let me wish you a very happy birthday...and here's to many many more.
Sounds like our families have both been using A and E departments lately Elizabeth....they are such a worry at times aren't they? What a gorgeous pis of the little man...where has that time gone?
Annie x

Marie-Louise said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you Elizabeth. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Beautiful photograph of Brodie.

JoZart Designs said...

A very Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Glad you are smiling on your special day.
Brodie is adorable but I know just how dangerous the batteries can be. A friend's little boy did just the same as Brodie. So glad he's OK
Love Jo x

Di said...


Big hugs, Di xx

Rita said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Your cards are gorgeous. Hugs Rita xxx

Jackie said...

Belated Happy Birthday Elizabeth, it's greet the way Google do that for our birthdays isn't it!
What a lovely lot of cards and that photograph of Brodie is gorgeous, I hope you will be scrapping it :o)
Jackie xx

Unknown said...

Belated happy birthday hope you had a wonderful day. Brodie is so lovely I am sure all batteries will be strictly monitored in future, little boys are so quick getting into things, bet his mum was so worried.

Wilma x x x

Sandra H said...

Happy belated b'day Elizabeth he is just soooo cute!! gorgeous cards as always hope you enjoyed your day take care x

Hettie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elizabeth. Doesn't Brodie look soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Elizabeth, glad to see you in your new house, take your time getting it sorted, there's no rush! Beautiful cards from your friends, and lovely to see Brodie looking so happy after that awful scare with him. Love the cap and bow tie, very dapper!


glitterandglue said...

Goodness, Elizabeth. What a relief for you to know Brodie is now OK. A happy belated birthday to you. Great selection of cards there for you to leave on your mantelpiece for A LONG TIME!!
Have a good week.