Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WOYWW 191 - What's On Your Desk Wednesday

Hello Everyone,

Joining in the fun again this week and I have a photo of both my workdesks for you this morning.

Not the brightest photo ever but that's because it was still dark when I got the camera out this morning ... it's not that much brighter now. It's 9.10am here and we still have to have the lights on! Anyway, I'm in the process of making a card suitable for a male recipient which explains the supplies that are lying out in the forefront ... Chronology stamps, distress inks and ink duster, etc. At the back are the essentials - my essentials :) In the blue dish all manner of adhesives; in the plaid tray, wet wipes and a few boxes containing stamps, cocktail sticks, oh, and an emergency inhaler - just in cases :) To the side of that is my catch-all tray, that's where I dump all sorts of bits and bobs until I can find time to put it all away. Behind that the tool bag - full of vital equipment - a basket of stamping blocks, a pot full of pens and pencils and a basket of stamping blocks. Even the chook box can be spotted this morning. Everything that could be needed close to hand but doesn't it look a right old mess ... note self: tidy the desk and clean that craft sheet!!!

The other workdesk - always a much tidier space. Yesterday, I nipped down to our local craft shop. It was an emergency! I desperately needed some cut-n-dry and the rest just jumped into my hands - I can't even pretend I had a basket :) The bargain of the week is the sequin waste. At 20p a metre, I just couldn't resist and I'm absolutely certain I needed those dies - they are going to be soooooo useful :)

So, there you are, my desks this morning. Now I'm off over to clock in with the head desk keeper, Julia Dunnit, over at the Stamping Ground. If you don't already join in with this weekly snoopathon but would like to, go on, do it, you'll enjoy yourself :)

It's a wet and miserable day here so I'm not planning to go out anywhere, in fact, I can't think of any better than to spend a much of the day visiting as many of you as I can.

I hope you are all well, and enjoying rather better weather wherever you are :)

Happy WOYWW,


  1. Hi Elizabeth, You've got a lot of nice, useful stuff on your desk! I've never used cut n dry foam. Do you make your own stamp pads with it?
    Happy WOYWW! RosA # 64

  2. Happy WOYWW, love it when we POP for something and come back with goodies ;) love your desk it looks very fun, thanks for sharing, following you now too

    Kerry @ 1

  3. What a lovely lot of craftyness on your desk! I also have a similar problem as I can't carry baskets using crutches, so I collect things as I go and then leave them in a safe place until I have everything! Happy WOYWW! Karen 84 x

  4. Morning Elizabeth. Great looking supplies you have there. Fancy them just JUMPING into your hands . . . that craft shop owner has her products well-trained!

    Happy creating.

    Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn xxx

  5. Great desk. Will be back to see your Chronology cards. That is my task for the week. I bought the goody bag and need to make someting with the contents.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #72

  6. Nice goodies! Have a good day! Helen, 9

  7. Very interesting this week, no not messy.....working tools at hand is what I see.LOL Have a great week.
    Krisha #109

  8. Very tidy! No rain here today, very sunny and mild, but then I already had to be out all morning with dr/shopping/errands and am now happy to stay inside! Wish my desk was as tidy as yours LOL!

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (3)

  9. Happy Wednesday
    It's amazing how many things just jump into ones hand or basket when in a craft shop. :)

    Karin 111

  10. Wet and miserable over here too! I should have done something bright and cheery, but wasn't up to it today, lol! Love your new dies - you can never have too many of those, right??

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  11. Lovely dies there Elizabeth! The smaller Clarity stamp arrived this morning - brilliant service eh?

    Shame on me - I bought Cut-n-dry and can't think what I wanted it for! Could it be in the Distress Inks box perchance?

    I skipped off yesterday to show my friend how to use the Hot Wand and Josy Rose nail heads I bought her for Christmas - man, she's even more dangerous than me with hot implements!

    Happy WOYWW! Hugs. Di xx

  12. Oh I am right there with you when it comes to stuff just jumping into your hands, we don't know we need it or want it but we love playing with it when we get home.
    Thanks for sharing
    Ria #44

  13. Ooh Elizabeth, nothing like a clutch of new stuff to make a gloomy day go by unnoticed! Your desk doesn't look untidy to me - at the ready, yes. And I didn't even notice the craft mat, good grief. The Chronology range is proving really popular..I keep looking at it, thinking I know I'm going to end up wishing I think I might just as well get on and buy some! I shall, this time, blame you!

  14. I love sequin waste, it's so bright and shiny!! You did well, resisting the urge for more items to 'leap' into your hands.... Hope you are ok :)
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxx

  15. Hi Elizabeth, Oh wow what a lot of crafty goodies!! x

  16. Hi Elizabeth
    it must be a new phenomenon craft stash seems to be jumping into baskets all ove thte country at the moment ... you are the second in a few minutes. your desk looks very organised to me and I love the card you made. It is often complicated to make a simple card
    janet #32

  17. That looks like a lot of lovely stash that forced themselves into bayou hands lol - my DH keeps hoping we will find space for a train set but I think he will have a long wait lol - have a great week - Nicky 13

  18. Some Xcut dies jumped into my basket while we were away too!
    The Long necked ladies come from Thailand where the people we were dog/house sitting went for a three week break a few months back! They said the ladies sell the pencils to the visitors. They start wearing the rings at about 4yrs old and add a ring around their necks every years until they are about 40, so by then they have long necks!
    I remember seeing pictures as a child and thinking what an odd thing for women to do, it takes all sorts I suppose!

    Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #8 (I think)

  19. I can't explain how this stuff just sticks onto our's a mystery to me. Seems to be worldwide though. I have the same problem, and when I get home, sometimes I will think "Now why did I buy that?". You'll love the dies though. That brand is new to me. They sort of look like the Sizzix ones we USA folks are seeing. Your desk looked downright tidy, I thought. You have all your supplies organized so that you can get to what you need, not scattered all over. My craft mat looks splotchy too, but as long as I don't contaminate a project, I don't worry with it! (Obviously!) I also have an old Olfa green quilting mat under all the stuff. It was awready warped from being left in a car trunk in the heat, years ago. Thought it would make a good 'line-up of things' when I want to get something stamped straight. Mostly it does help! TFS& It's been miserable in my area today too. Hugs.

  20. Our weather sounds the same Elizabeth and so does our train of thought, it's a great day to stay inside and craft!! Thank you sooooooo much for visiting my desk today, waving hi from the soggy hills of North Carolina ♥

  21. Thank you for your visit this week, and I hope that everyone is now fully recovered. I am still colouring those flutterbies, and then they have to dry before I can assemble them. Have a good week and get everything done. xx Maggie #11

  22. Hello
    Your desk looks very ...... Ready to get on with a project
    I understand about things jumping into our arms it happens to me and my crafty friends
    Jackie 17

  23. Just stopping by to say hi...I didn't participate in WOYWW this week so no need to look for my post!
    your desk looks great to me. I always smile when i see your tartan basket...How fitting!

    Your new dies look fabulous and I think will be used often!

  24. Hello Elizabeth your desk looks ok to me. Isn't it funny how these things jump into our hands, baskets or the order forms when ordering on line :-) I have been looking for some of that sequin waste. Love it. Thanks for visiting me.
    Love the card you have made and might use your idea if that's ok?
    Anne x #144

  25. I love that card!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Craft Donkey #108

  26. I love the look of all those chronology stamps for the masculine card. It is funny how we just have to have the latest crafting things and they mysteriously appear in our hands! Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Caro #60


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