Monday, 18 January 2016

In A Vase On Monday - Signs of Spring

Hello Everyone,

I'm a bit late in joining in with Cathy's In A Vase On Monday meme, over at Rambling in the Garden, today. It's been raining all day so it was afternoon before it stopped long enough for me to nip out to see what has survived the snowfall we had two days ago.
Surprisingly, there was quite a lot that really shouldn't be in flower right now ... clearly my garden hasn't got the message that it's winter, instead it's showing signs of spring. I managed to pick some yellow and red wallflowers in bud, three more Simply the Best rosebuds - that rose just does not want to stop flowering - and even a couple of stems of  honeysuckle. I think this one is Gold Flame but it is looking very much paler than it would in summer.
I even found some escallonia in blossom. The other foliage I included in the vase is eucalyptus gunnii, a small leaved ivy grown from a cutting from an unknown variety, myrtus apiculata Glanleam Gold and osmanthus x burkwoodii - that's the shrub I keep mistaking for sarcococca!
I thought the little ornament of the boy milking a cow was perfect to team with the Jersey Pottery cream jug. It is of huge sentimental value - a very long time ago one of my children saved up his hard-earned pocket money to buy it for me.

Now that we've had snow here, twice, and can say winter has finally arrived what, I wonder, are weather conditions like for other the flower arrangers who participate in Cathy's meme ... and I'm very curious to see what everyone else is finding to fill their vases with.

Happy Gardening,


Hannah said...

Your flowers are amazing for January, Elizabeth, and snow around. We had snow a few weeks ago and killing frosts, and the outdoor flowers are not apparent yet, though I saw buds on a hellebore in a pot. Now we are in our usual winter of continual rain that keeps our temperatures above freezing I have to content myself with houseplant flowers at this point. Your red roses are so pretty, and the wallflowers and honeysuckle add some additional color interest. The blue on the milking boy goes well with the blue decorations on your vase.

Anonymous said...

Wallflowers, roses and honeysuckle in Scotland! It's all gone very topsy turvy hasn't it! I have honeysuckle in my vase today, I'm in the south of England. What a sweet memory attached to the little ornament.

Anonymous said...

So many of us have out of season flowers at the moment, but the cold weather that has arrived in Europe may mean that the next two or three weeks will be more seasonal! Lovely vase.

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Elizabeth, your arrangement is beautiful and so are your roses.
I still have lavender and a few other plants blooming, just ant' remember what they are called, I'm really no gardner, it's all just a hit and a miss with me although I love flowers.
Very cld here in the minuses, and tons of snow on the mountains, keep warm and cosy, Kate x

Barb said...

Your vase of flowers looks charming with the little ornament beside it. How amazing that you found such a beautiful array ow plants in your garden in January.

We have two bright red flowers on a geranium in a hanging basket. Amazingly the plant has survived the two previous winters but last night's frost was so heavy I was surprised to see it had survived.


Carole Pollard said...

Beautiful to light a dull day Hugs Carole x