Monday, 25 January 2016

In A Vase On Monday - A Little Glass of Goodness

Afternoon Everyone,

It's me, back again ... I'm on a roll today. In the earlier post I promised an In A Vase On Monday post and here it is.
All the flowers you see today are from plants growing in pots that are tucked around the front and kitchen doors where it's more sheltered. Oddly, it's all pinks and whites that are in flower: pansies, primulas, hellebores and even one much prized snowdrop.
I'm thrilled with the first of Cathy's snowdrops, galanthus nivalis, just perfect! I look forward to seeing the green tipped centre when it is fully opened. Once again, many thanks, Cathy, this is the only one I could bear to cut but it's such a treasure :)
The helleborus, lividus and lividus 'White Marble', were only purchased at the weekend. I can't get enough of these beautiful spring flowers but they don't do well in my garden, or at least in the area I'd chosen to plant them. The plan is to continue to keep them in pots around the garden and hope that  solves the problems I've been experiencing. The lividus White Marble has cream/green flowers unlike the lividus which is more pink/purple tinged.
I spotted this selection of pink/lilac primulas for sale at our local garden centre and just had to have them. I'm not a great lover of the yellow/orange/red ones that my husband favours. I much prefer these less showy ones, ditto the mauve pansies that are tucked in the centre of the glass.

The sherry glass is one pinched from my husband's heirloom Edinburgh Crystal collection. I swear he paled when he spotted the little arrangement but he recovered quickly as he admired how pretty it looked filled with these dainty blooms.

I think, given the awful wet winter we've had so far, I can count myself lucky to have been able to fill so many Monday vases over winter. I know it's not done yet, another storm is making it's way over the Atlantic today and we will be battening down the hatches once again. We lost the miniature greenhouse that the cat, Bonnie, has adopted as her personal sleep station during the last storm ... it was lifted up and dropped over the wall that has to be about 8' tall, at least, and the plastic cover was torn off completely. She now has a new one, firmly attached to the fence this time!

Take care and stay safe.

Happy Gardening,


  1. Elizabeth, that is a lovely glass of flowers...and I adore the colors...very spring-like!

  2. What a pretty collection you have managed to tuck into the Edinburgh crystal vase, Elizabeth - and what a surprise to see one of the snowdrops! Although my specials started coming through early the common ones are nowhere near flowering yet, and yet here is one of yours flowering so much further north! Thanks so much for sharing these lovely coloured blooms today

  3. So pretty Elizabeth to be able to pick these lovely flowers at this time of the year and of course having all the rain and more expected tomorrow they are a gorgeous colour take care and thank you for sharing them xx

  4. Your vase looks like a delicious parfait, Elizabeth! I'm sorry to hear that your weather has been so difficult but I'm glad your priorities are in order and that you promptly took care of the cat's storm retreat!

  5. I love all your cheery pinks, a very pretty vase indeed.

  6. So pretty always love your vase of flowers love and hugs Carole x

  7. They look beautiful Elizabeth. What a good idea to use a sherry glass for these little gems. Barbxx

  8. Another beautiful arrangement Elizabeth, the colours are gorgeous too.
    More bad weather I'm afraid, keep warm and safe, Kate x

  9. Those flowers are gorgeous in all of those beautiful shades of pink! I can only grow plastic plants - I think the real ones shrivel up and die whenever I talk to them :)

  10. Your flowers are so lovely, Elizabeth, and the purloined stemware makes them look so grand, especially White Marble, and I like your pinker primulas. I'm looking forward to Hellebores and bulbs blooming soon in my garden. I was very interested in your comments about H. lividus and White Marble. I splurged on about 10 of these gorgeous plants, I loved the silvery leaves and pink and white flowers, only to have most disappear before the next bloom season. I think I may have one that remains. Old fashioned types of Hellebores I bought at the same time are doing great and blooming. I don't know if I would buy them again if keeping them in a pot would help, but perhaps one. I'm not generally that good at keeping plants alive in pots....


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