Friday, 8 January 2016

Friday's Smiles

Evening Smilers,

I'm joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles after an admittedly very lazy day. However, I've had a lot to make me smile today. The rain has stopped, the EM has repaired the cold frame that was damaged in the storms, and then it snowed ... gorgeous great big snowflakes too. And snow is guaranteed to make me smile.
In my opinion you can't beat a good covering of snow to make the garden look fabulous in winter!
The fir tree we inherited with the garden.

My very own winter wonderland. Of course it won't last long - we are too near the sea - but it's gorgeous while it lasts :)

And finally, I have been waiting for just the right occasion to show this funny.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend everyone.


  1. Oh how lovely Ellie. I love looking at snow....from the other side of a window :-) It's so pretty and your garden looks fab with it's covering. That sign made me smile too :-)
    Hope you're feeling rather better now.
    Annie x

  2. My, these are such lovely photos you have shared of winter. I love the snowman sign, too! I live in southern California and I miss the beautiful, calming snowfall. I hope your area hasn't been affected by the floods. Have a wonderful weekend! Pat

  3. Your snow photos are incredible. They made me feel cold, but I enjoyed seeing them in someone else's yard instead of mine.

    Loved the snowman sign. It really made me laugh!

  4. Your garden looks like a tranquil haven, I think snow makes everything look quiet and peaceful.

  5. Hi Elizabeth and happy Friday/Weekend, I'm a bit late posting and visiting this week. Just the opposite here in Australia, we're having some really hot days, but I do love your funnies....used one hey!! Enjoy your weekend Robyn


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