Wednesday, 18 January 2012

WOYWW - Week 137 ... little change from last week

Good Morning Folks

Happy WOYWW to you all, and a much more pleasant day it is here on the west coast of Scotland. After the last few really cold days the temperature today could almost be described as balmy :) I hope it's as good wherever you are in the world.

This is soooo true!
On to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday ... the weekly celebration of workdesks worldwide organised by the Chief of Desks, Julia at Stamping Ground. Interested? Then click the link on my sidebar and on head over to read Julia's interview with Julia and then take a hop round everyone else's desks to see what they are up to, too.

Those of you who popped in last week might remember that I was planning to play craft with a Wendy spool and grungepaper. Well, I didn't get far with this project ... I got a tad distracted - easily done - and if you scroll down through previous posts you will see just what those distractions amounted to! There's another WIP out of shot ... a DT project so can't show you that ... and in shot it's the grungepaper again. However, I have made some progress, it's stamped and some of the motifs have been cut out. I've even been experimenting with colour too.

Tim Holtz DIs, Fired Brick, Victorian Velvet, Scattered Straw and Dried Marigold; note to Julia, none of the six/seven shades of wee so beloved of Sir Timmy so far :) By the very nature of the grungepaper the colours, apart from the red, are not particularly vivid. Next week I might even have cut out the leaves and butterflies - watch this space :))

A short post from me today because I want to spend the time snooping visiting as many of your desks as possible - I'm hoping to get around you all, Windows/Explorer/Blogger allowing, that is! What's going on there? Like many of you I was unable to leave comments, got a blank page instead and had to leave Explorer - my browser of choice - and opted for Google Chrome temporarily - such a nuisance. Today, there's more odd things going on - more updates downloaded and still things are not quite right ... grrr!! So what do you think the chances are of visiting you all this week :))

In the meantime I wish you all well and that the week brings you many hours of happy crafting,


lisa said...

Hi Elizabeth.
Before I start I've just got to say the cards in your last posts are just gorgeous, so pretty and I NEED that sentiments stamp!!
Funnily enough I saw Hels demonstrating those spools at the weekend, aren't they great. Might have to have a go at them myself.
Your flowers are looking great, lots of cutting there!!!
I've just switched to Chrome too to try and fix the comments problems but it's such a pain having to work out how a new browser works isn't it?
Hugs Lisax

CraftygasheadZo said...

Thanks for your comment, your desk looks a fun place to play! Zo x

May said...

Just love those flowers and the colours are fantastic, Happy Wednesday, Hugs May x

Anonymous said...

Never used grungepaper before, but I have to admit to being rather partial to Timmie's wee colours!!

Brenda 104

Karen said...

I love those butterflies and flowers, they are so prety. I love the colours you have used on the flowers, they are beautiful :) I too have been having lots of problems accessing WOYWW blogs, so its reassuring to know its not just me, althouh I seem to be having more luck this week thankfully!

Have a fab WOYWW and have a great week, Luv Karen #86

Neet said...

Hi Elizabeth - thanks for visiting me and tell hubby that the Alchemy poem is my tribute to my blackbird. I am missing him and hope he is finding food whilst I am away (hopefully son will put seed out when he calls to check the house).
Love your flowers, the big one, is it an hibiscus, is particularly beautiful.
One of my favourite combos of the inks is Rusty Hinge and Tumbled Glass - when they overlap it creates a green so they look nice merged together.
Hope to see the Wendy project soon.
Take care - Hugs, Neet xx

Craftychris said...

I love your flowers. You have reminded me I have some Grungepaper - thank you! Have a happy and creative week and, hopefully, an easier time with the computer gremlins!!! xxx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi there Elizabeth,
Love the WOYWW Stash Hoarder button! I didn't realize how much paper I have until I started organizing it!

Your coloring is looking very nice. So, what exactly is grunge paper? Is it the color of the paper?

WOYWW #117

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth

Love those butterflys !

Your right, its baltic cold up here, we had 3 days with no rain in a row this week though ! first time since september !

However today its back to gales and torrential rain/sleet/hail all at once. Yuk !


jude said...

Loving your previous posts just love that canvass and your vintage shabby chic card.The flowers are coming along great.Have alovely creative week
Happy woyww
judex 14

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That big old sheet of printed paper makes me want to leap in my car, drive up to Scotland and indulge in some mega cutting out!! When I was a TA in school, I used to fight the Y6 kids to do the cutting out! There's something so satisfying about it :)
Hugs, LLJ #43
PS I use Google Chrome all the time and never have a problem leaving comments xx

Dolly Daydreams said...

Hi Elizabeth, what a tidy tidy desk again ! Love the look of your project cant wait to see the end result.


Katie said...

The flowers and butterflies are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Happy WOYWW! Katie #16

Katie said...

I love those beautiful flowers! Fun!

Katie (112)

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I love those flowers and butterflies, and I look forward to seeing how you use them in the end. By the way, I did not do any sewing today. I put it off again!! Bad girl!!! Thank you for your visit today. have a good week. xx Maggie #70

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Elizabeth, I haven't touched my 'spool' set either. Still looks like you've been busy!! I've been getting the blank page as well - so frustrating when you want to leave a comment!! After the first one I gave up. I still can't do anything on blogger if I have the 'remember me' box ticked. Took me ages to find out that was my problem last year. Now it looks like there are more blogger issues to be resolved. Sigh, sometimes I wish they wuld leave well alone!! Have a great week and thanks for popping byt see me Cindy #36

Lisa-Jane said...

Spools? Hhhmmm, that's a new one on me. Your distraction cards are so pretty but I do love those flowers you are making too. I wonder if Promarkers would be more vivid on the grungeboard?

Hels Sheridan said...

Hi Elizabeth, thought I would hop on over for a nosey to see whatcha up to... well, I spy Spools and hurrah, Grunge... my fave! I read that you aren't getting vivid colour on the Grunge... hope you no mind me giving you a wee tip - if you rub the blending foam right into the fibres of the "suede" side of the Grunge, and turn it around so you work from the other side too... I have found over time that this is the best way to get the colour into the Grunge.... hope that helps and you no mind me mentioning that! Now, I cannot wait to see your Spool art so please can you show me.... looking forward to seeing your creation! Oh and.. BTW.. LOVE Bonnie's bowl but AlfieCat says that there's no way she would have spelt that wrong, apparently cats are highly intelligent and never spell anything wrong... lol xx


I have to say after getting the hang of how it works (i.e. get 16 year old tutee to show you) I have found chrome to be very easy to use and much faster than firefox (previous choice). I do occasionally hark back to internet explorer but find it very slow! The stamped grunge paper looks like a mega piece of work!

SandeeNC said...

I know that Blogger is currently "updating" and they know about said issues and is working on them, that being said, I am glad I could make it to your blog today and so glad your weather is balmy. It is chilly and the wind is howling today in my part of the world, a great day to stay inside and craft....or to go check out everyone's craft rooms!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Fun butterflies. I'm not familiar with grunge paper myself but I hear the name bandied about quite a bit so it must be a fun crafty thing... well, it came from Mr. Tim so OF COURSE it is a fun crafty thing.

Unknown said...

I do not know what the spools are but it appears you are having fun with grunge paper cos those flowers are gorgeous.


Angie said...

It was freezing over our way these past two days but bright with it.Our heating decided to hiccup yesterday so we were without heating for 8 hours ...reminded me of how it used to be lol
Love what you are up to with those stamped cut outs ...gorgeous colours.xx

voodoo vixen said...

Well you look like your having fun with the grunge paper... I have some but every time I get it out it smells... so I put it back in the bag without using it... not sure I want smelly adornments for my books so if you tell me it wears off i might give it a go!! LOL

Helen said...

You shouldn't need to use Google Chrome - it is something to do with comment settings (Blogger has changed something) - needs to be set to pop up not embedded - but your blog is ok, it's the people you visit need to change it!! Anyhow, love your desk shot today and am going back to see what distracted you now...

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i'm dropping by to say hello! your flowers are looking good!
happy WOYWW, and thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

sandra de said...

You can't go wrong with anything TH.

Beckyt said...

I love those flowers so pretty. Thanks for sharing :)
Becky #45

Di said...

Fantastic flowers and butterflies Elizabeth - lots of snipping going on then?! Err, and I admit I still have a whole bunch of stamps as yet unused :( Di xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi there Elizabeth,

You asked if that was the view from my window -- if only!!! Black Mesa is about 10 miles away on native american land. It's a sacred place for them.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have one set of papers I haven't split yet so am thinking I might leave them together..... we'll see.


Twiglet said...

Pretty little flowers Elizabeth. I am having a rest from making little frocks - I have been making children's dressing up outfits for a friend instead!! Have a good week. x Jo

Sherry said...

Yay - a blog I can leave a comment on! I'm having the 'white screen' problem on a lot of blogs too.

Your desk looks very inviting Elizabeth and I love your grunge flowers too xx

Sherry (37)

Jackie said...

Your desk looks really interesting, I shall have to make a point to return and see what you are making :)
Jackie #119

Julia Dunnit said...

Distracted by grunge paper, seriously, you've got it bad! So is there a grand plan for all this non wee wee grunging, or a you just doing it for the joy of distraction!! Love the card on your last post, the wrapped around DP paper is lovely way to finish

Mrs A. said...

Can't wait to see what gorgeous craftiness comes from those flowers and butterflies. If Anyone is experiencing problems on their own blog with no comments being allowed then change from embedded comments to pop up comments in your settings. It works. Hugs Mrs .A.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Elizabeth, thanks so much for putting my candy on your sidebar :D plus for sharing.
It is funny when you read a post sometimes something said really leaps out at you yours was that you are easily distracted - oh me too I cried! also love the sound of the curry above sounds funny to hear zucchini called courgettes - so glad you put that in other wise would have had to google! Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #67

Hettie said...

Yeay! I came on Wednesday and I couldn't leave comments but can tonight. Liking what you are doing this week. I have some of those stamps too! Yikes - where have I filed them?

Morti said...

Finally got here - been a bit of a week for me!

Good news about Ciara - did she give any indication that she might pop back on her blog at some point?

Love what you've done with the motifs! And thanks for stopping by.