Monday, 8 April 2019

In A Vase On Monday - Tulip Time

Hello Everyone,

The daffodils are almost past - just a few late bloomers in the grass - and now it's tulip time in our garden. So it's a simple arrangement of  flowers and buds in an equally simple vase for Cathy's In A Vase on Monday.
If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know by now that my husband doesn't keep  the labels that come with anything he plants ... these tulips are no exception. I'm hazarding a guess that the fully opened orange/yellow ones might be called Flair - a single early dwarf tulip - but the yet to open yellow ones are a mystery. No matter what the name they are all a ray of sunshine at this time of year.
Here they are in situ. I'm ignoring, for now, the ground elder that is threatening to take over the round bed and just enjoying the colours of Spring instead. Word around the garden is that it is definitely Spring!
After taking the photos outside, the light is so much better there, the tulips were brought in and put on top of the fire - it is never on so never too hot for flowers - together with one of my latest acquisitions, a little wooden Easter bunny that, coincidentally, is holding a tiny wooden tulip.

To see many more flower arrangements - so much more artistic than mine - follow this link to Cathy's blog - links are always in the comments.

I wish you a wonderful week, weather permitting, in your garden.


Cathy said...

You can't beat a simple vase of tulips, Elizabeth - and I love them against the red tiled background of the fireplace. I only occasionally see ground elder here but have just had to clear an outcro which must have come from the garden on the other side of the fence. Hope you can clear yours easily too - I found it not too hard to dig out, but fortunately there wasn't much else growing around it at the time

crafty cat corner said...

Nothing brings me joy like a vase of flowers, even one in a specimen vase is enough. thanks for lovely post.

Kris Peterson said...

The tulips are pretty no matter what you call them, Elizabeth. The few I planted here, pre-sprouted by the local nursery, are already long gone as our temperatures have begun to climb above 80F/26C.

Joanna said...

It wouldn't be spring without the tulips would it? My garden is still snow covered but I can hardly wait to see them again. Yours are just lovely. I really like that last picture of the red tulips against the red background...they almost seem to fade into the wall!

AlisonC said...

So very bright and beautiful. My husband never plants anything so no danger of losing any label!