Monday, 19 September 2016

In A Vase On Monday - Nasturtiums

My vase today is a very simple arrangement of nasturtium flowers. The set of four small white vases makes it easy to to plonk lots of short-stemmed flowers like these and they still look lovely.

I love the colours, so autumnal.

A very brief post today - well, there's not much more to say about nasturtiums. I'll be joining in with Cathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday where I'm sure to find many much more advanced arrangements than this one.

Happy Monday,


Anonymous said...

Oh they are so pretty, Elizabeth, and that set of 4 vases is perfect for them. Iespecially like to see the paler nasturtium colours like yours - and I have recently seen that you can grow PINK ones!

Eliza Waters said...

Nasturtiums are perfect en masse. I always appreciate their late season color, going right up until frost knocks them down.

Anonymous said...

You might think your arrangement is simple but I think it is stunningly beautiful and to be the colours still shout summer, even if autumn is just around the corner.

Kris Peterson said...

I love the cheerful color of these flowers. My own plants are just starting to break through the soil after hiding under cover from the scorching summer sun.

Jean said...

I love nasturtiums, and your simple arrangement is stunning. The gorgeous cheery colours are perfect against the white vases.A brilliant way to display them.
Jean x

Marie-Louise said...

This is beautiful. I had a great show of nasturtiums this year but they all died off a couple of weeks ago which was a shame as there was a riot of colour.