Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday Smile Week 98 - That’s Christmas To Me

A fellow scrapper, Shimelle, she of Glitter Girl fame, sent out this link this morning saying that she thought many scrapbookers would appreciate it. I listened to it this afternoon and thought you don't have to be a scrapbooker to appreciate it ... it's lovely and certainly made me smile. I've been humming the tune ever since hearing it and now have an earworm that may take weeks to go away :)

This is the last Friday Smile post until next year so may I wish you all the best of Christmases and a wonderfully happy festive season whatever you are doing.  And many thanks to Annie for hosting this weekly opportunity to share a smile - long may it continue because life always feels better when you're smiling :)

Christmas hugs and xx to you all,


  1. Thanks for sharing that Elizabeth....I too will be singing this to myself all evening now.....such a lovely tune.
    I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that we all have lots of smiles to share in 2015.
    Annie x
    ps I really hope your Christmas card arrives....I've posted it to your old address!!! Sorry. Jo has now given me your new address.

  2. I haven't read my JYC email today so thanks for sharing Maggie. I see you are in Ayr. We had a lovely holiday just down the road from there in August. Wishing you a Merry Christmas x

  3. Lovely, sweet, gentle singing.
    Judy x

  4. Very nice Elizabeth. I am hectically preparing Christmas goodies right now so this is lovely to hear.
    I only have stars on my trees!

  5. I love the group Pentatonix, but I´d not heard this before. If you haven´t heard them sing ´Mary did you know´, it is really worth looking it up on youtube. I shall book mark this to listen to again. Thanks for sharing. Kate x

  6. Hi Elizabeth...that was really lovely to listen to, we're all well into the Christmas mood now. Best Wishes for Christmas Robyn

  7. Oh that really is lovely .....wishing you too Elizabeth and your family all the very best for the festive season take care xx


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