Saturday, 7 June 2014

This Week's Smiles - For Week 72

Hello Everyone,

It's been a good week for smiles for me ... hope yours has been as good. Warning, I have rather a lot of photos to show so without further ado ...
First up is a pic of my daughter, Juli, (centre) presenting the pictorial wall-hanging she made to her friend, Gerry Hughes (to left of Juli). Gerry is a remarkable man, the first profoundly deaf man to become a teacher and the first to sail single-handed across the Atlantic Ocean!The wall hanging depicting Gerry's yacht, Quest lll, sailing on a choppy looking Atlantic Ocean, was all hand-stitched. Juli actually made two, one for Gerry and his wife (to right of Juli) as a memento, and the other was auctioned to help raise the funds he needs for his next trip - that is to sail round the world solo, via the five great capes on his yacht, and so become the world's first deaf yachtsman. Juli's hubby, Graeme, is left of Gerry and the others in the photo are friends of both couples. The wall-hanging was sold  for £100.

Next up is my lovely grandson, Alun, who is proudly showing off the medal and cup he won at his school athletics recently. He was the joint winner of the Athletics. He won 2 events, 400m and javelin, and was runner up in the 200m, triple jump and high jump! Can you tell he loves sports :)

Next up is a bunch of photos taken of my granddaughter, Jolene, having fun with her dad, my son Alun, and her mum, Elaine, on her 14th birthday treat to Aviemore, Scotland.

There was a bit of an embarrassing surprise when she opened this door ...

And finally,
Celtic's youngest fan! My wee great-grandson, Brodie, in his new Celtic strip - love that smile!

Apologies for going on a bit, but there has just been so much smile-making stuff to share with you I had trouble deciding where to stop :)

If you managed to get this far, thanks and I hope you enjoyed my photos too. To check out or share a few more reasons to smile do pop over to Annie at A Stitch In Time - you'll find plenty to smile about.

Hope you have had as good a week as I have.


  1. Wonderful stuff elizabeth. You've a lot to be proud of in your lovely family happenings.
    Jo x

  2. You really do have lots to smile about Elizabeth. You have a wonderful family. Aren't we blessed?
    Annie x

  3. Oooh you saved the best till last......Not really although he's is just so cute!! lovely photos Elizabeth your family looks so content and really enjoying themselves the group photos is truly lovely and what a lovely post thank you for sharing this xx

  4. Awww what fantastic pictures Elizabeth! especially the little one in his football strip LOL huggles Sue xxx

  5. Fantastic photos Elizabeth. Well done to Juli and Alun. Little Brodie is gorgeous.

  6. Hello again elizabeth,
    Thanks for your comment and glad you like the owls and chucks. Shower / loo is progressing steadily but not fast enough for me! Should be finished in a few days.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    Jo x

  7. You have a very lovely family thee are great you must be so proud Love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x

  8. It is rare for me to find something on the net that's as entertaining and fascinating as what you've posted here. Your blog is awesome. You're definitely one in a million, great job!...Cccam Server

  9. Lovely post Elizabeth. No need to apologise at all!


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