Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday's Smile - Week 67

Hi Everyone,

After a yet another busy day I'm taking the time now to join in with Annie's Friday Share A Smile post. As usual I've had plenty to make me smile but I've narrowed it down to the following photos.
After his big sister, Rhian, taking a starring role last week it's the turn of my great-grandson, Brodie ... that smile would melt the hardest of hearts :)
 And here's the newest addition to my son's family ... meet Rango, the golden retriever - such a cutey.
And finally, from my daughter ... made me laugh but perhaps it should have made me cry!!!

Thanks Annie for featuring my post from last week ... I'm glad it made you smile too.

I hope you all have a wonderful week that's full of lots more happy moments.


  1. Another fab post Elizabeth.....that cheeky smile won my heart :-)
    Annie x

  2. Gorgeous grandson so cute Fab new dog and well Christmas will soon be here !! Thanks for sharing these lovely images to make me smile Love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x

  3. Oh bless - did you see that Rhian smiles with his eyes too :) Adorable!

    Hugs, Di xx

  4. Aww how sweet is Rhian! Your photos made me smile thank you !
    Have a lovely weekend
    Vic x

  5. Brodie is a real cutie. His smile is super cute. And Bleubeard thinks Rango is a cutie, too. Happy belated smiles this week.

  6. What lovely smiley photos, both Brodie and Rango are grinning away in them. The final image made me laugh! Thanks for the smiles. Caro x (#12)

  7. Lovely photos again this week. There is something so special about a little child's smile. One to treasure. Rango is going to be lots of fun for all the family too. Kate xx

  8. Oh so cute and great smiles lovely photos Elizabeth x

  9. Lovely Elizabeth.. am not blogging much sorry am waa-ay late for WOYWW .. have peeked around, lots to going on with you.. on with take care.. hope and pray you are getting some warm weather over there. Shaz in Oz.x


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