Saturday, 30 March 2013

Scrapbook Winner ... and ... Making Birthday Cards Book Giveaway

Hello Everyone,

And happy Saturday to you all - I hope your Easter holiday is in full swing and you are having fun.

After I put this book, Creative Scrapbooking, up as a giveaway last week, I'm delighted to say that five brave crafters thought they would like to take the plunge and try some scrapbooking.

So, today, as promised, the draw for the book took place with as much pomp and ceremony as the EM could muster and here's the photographic evidence that it was made with all due regard to fairness.

Names printed out and cut into strips, folded and secreted in the only jug I have with a large enough neck to take the EM's man sized hands. It worked and his hand emerged holding a tiny wee screwed scrap of paper.

And the winner is ...

drum roll please ...

Congratulations Sandra ... drop me an email, if you please, and let me know your full postal address and I'll post the book off to you  ... after the Easter break, of course :)

Sandra said '... a lot of us are into cardmarking but to try something new like Scrapbooking would be lovely ... l too would like to try my hand at this sort of crafting'

So, now's your chance to have a go ... I hope the book helps you make a start :)

Sadly, there can only be one winner this week but don't be too down-hearted because I have another book giveaway coming up in a separate post ... just give me a minute to write it up :)

Happy crafting,


  1. Hi Elizabeth, "WOW" l'm your lucky winner l'm so pleased l took part and am so looking forward to reading this and hopefully do some scrapbooking myself with inspiration from your blog and book l'm so thank you ......thank you my details are on the way enjoy your Easter xx

  2. Well done Sandra. Enjoy your win.


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