Friday, 19 October 2018

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone,

Friday - possibly the best day of the week. Made even better when we can join Annie, A Stitch In Time, with a mini review of what has made us smile this week.

First up are these lovely snaps of my daughter and son-in-law.

As the EM was just out of hospital, and we hadn't had time to stock up beforehand, they very kindly took us shopping on Saturday. Of course, we had to stop at the supermarket for a coffee and I can't remember what was said but it really amused them both.

Next - today's little star!
Lacie, my youngest great-granddaughter, is three today. She is a spirited wee thing who makes me laugh. For the size of her she's such a bossy boots and has everyone wrapped round her little finger!

I had a stroll round the garden today and thought I'd show you the change that is being made to the wildflower bed.
It's not finished yet but, as you can see, most of the plants have been replaced with weed suppressant and red bark. As we are getting older we are finding weeding and tending everything just a bit too much so we decided this bed had to go ... it was the most labour intensive of all our beds. It's not finished but as the EM is out of commission for the time being it will have to wait.

Finally, here's a selection of the roses and other flowers still in bloom around the rest of the garden at the moment.

This is only a small selection - I would bore you silly if I showed you all of them. I don't think they know it's October yet.

As you can see, I've had quite a lot to smile about but to see many more reasons to smile pop over to Annie's, at A Stitch In Time.

Have a great weekend. 


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for the visit to mine. I thought I was following you and just realised I wasn't but I am now. Anyway, Friday here made me smile. Your son-in-law has the sort of grin that would make anyone smile, can't think what you must have said to him. Lacie reminds me of my God daughter, they certainly know how to steal the show. Lovely garden photos too. Happy creative weekend, Angela xXx

Annie said...

I read all the blogs yesterday but it seems my ipad is not playing nicely when it comes to leaving a comment so I've now managed to find 5 mins to come on the lap top to see if this is any better....
I love the photos of your daughter and son in law....even more so now I have met them in person. I hope the wee one had a wonderful doesn't seem like three years since she arrived.
I love the new garden look...that will keep the weeds down and allow you to enjoy your garden more I'm sure. I hope your patient is still recovering well and being a good patient for you too.
Annie x

mamapez5 said...

It is lovely to spend time with family Elizabeth. I am glad you had a visit from yours. The 'little star' is very cute. I love seeing my great-grandchildren but they change so quickly. It is hard to keep up with them.
The garden does get harder to cope with as the years pass. That is why we went for a house with a mainly tiled yard when we came out here, but sometimes I do wish we had a small plot of plantable ground. But isn't it lovely to still have roses and other flowers in bloom. Their seasons seem to have got a bit confused, but I for one am not complaining. Kate x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I apologize for visiting so late, but this was the first time I felt good enough to get out of bed.

Having family around to help, even with grocery shopping would put a smile on MY face. Looks like a fun outing, too.

I know what you mean by weeding. I want to get rid of my weed problems, too. I can't believe all those incredible flowers you are growing. I'm simply amazed!

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend, too, dear Elizabeth.