Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What's On Your Workdesk - Wednesday 411

Morning Everyone,

This is going to be a briefish WOYWW post today - that's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday brought to us by the inestimable treasure that is our Head Desker Julia over at the Stamping Ground. Julia loves brief posts.

But first I must apologise for my lack of commenting last week ... the holidays got in the way! Is it just me - oh, I hope I'm not the only one - who forgets to factor in all the extra visits to and from family? I got to the end of what seemed a very long and hectic weekend happy from seeing my nearest and dearest but absolutely exhausted too. Hope you enjoyed the holiday as much as I did.

Now on to what's on my desk today.
Photographs. Old photographs. I've caught the decluttering bug. Actually, I'm feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that's in my craft room. It's just too much. Especially photographs. You really don't want to see the collection the EM and I have amassed over the seventy or so decades we've been on this planet. When I think of scrapbooking them - well, it's just makes me feel faint. There aren't enough hours in the day and I need my sleep - I'd be cranky without it! There's just no possibility of me scrapping the vast majority of them and, in truth, I really don't want to. But I can sort them into albums and when we're gone the kids can inherit ... they'll love that!!! So, as you can see, I've made a start by culling anything that is a waste of space, i.e. shots that are blurry, too bright or too dark, etc., - in short, the lemons. Those that remain are all going into labeled photo albums and shelved. That way, when I'm looking for a particular photo I should be able to locate it in no time - well, that's what I'm hoping anyway.

So that's my desk today. I'm off now for a snoop at the desks linked over at Julia's.

Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week ahead.


Annie said...

What a task Ellie. Jo and I were quite ruthless with our old family photos before we moved. Each one was looked at and it was a case you know who/where this one is of? then bin it....yes then label it and keep it. But I still have far too many so I may edit them further yet lol. I've decided, having sorted out for family members that have died, that I will not be leaving that task to our kids.
I wish you lots of luck in sorting yours. Have a great week.
Annie x #19

Neet said...

Good luck with the albums. I did them for my MIL when she was thinking that her boys would not want any of the photos. Two were happy but one groused but then he is a miserable so and so anyhow. You keep at it, but remember to mention when and where.
Our Easter was quiet, only son was working so no visitors - hopefully this week!
Hugs, Neet 22 xx

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, funny, I've been doing that too. So many photographs, taken back when you took 3 or 4 of each shot, in case some didn't turn out! They need culling, get rid of all the duplicates, and all the poor lighting shots. A project that will keep me occupied for a while, I think. I was going to scan them into the computer, but having seen just how many there are, I think that idea may get forgotten! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #15 XxX

sandra de said...

Sounds like a good plan and I am sure a trip down memory lane as you go through all those photos.
sandra de @10

Sarah Brennan said...

Hope you're not finding the photo cull too difficult. I have boxes of photos too which really should be sorted. One of these days I'll scan them all onto discs and back them up on a hard drive! Sarah #11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I have a big old box of photos that were rescued after my parents died...that is a rainy day job, there's too much to do before then. I really admire you for being ruthless but it's got to be done. Good luck in your quest! I think from the comments that you're not alone in this task.
Hugs, LLJ 1 xxx

Helen said...

good luck with your task! Helen #3

Twiglet said...

I still have a massive box of photos and they really do need sorting and -yes - clearing out the rubbish ones. I used to take loads of pics when Maxine was little. Now our digital pics rarely get printed off - I know I should make an effort so that there is something to show Ben and for us to talk about. Time flies doesn't it - where did last week go?? x Jo

Sharon Madson said...

Ditto to everything you said! All those photos and the scrapbooking of them is absolutely overwhelming! Also, overwhelming is all my craft stuff and the decluttering that I need to do! Good luck with your projects! :) #38

Bubbles said...

I've been meaning to sort out my photographs for a while now... about 20 years! lol. I have told my children that they can inherit the piccies and they can try to figure out who is who in the photographs lol
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Bubbles #27

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Don't worry Elizabeth there is always something to distract us from the visiting and crafting. I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the stuff in your craft room, I need to have a week of only using old stuff to try and reduce it a bit. Happy crafty week and wishing you a lovely woyww, Angela x16x

Lindart said...

I can empathize with the photos, I have several shoe boxes of them! But now with digital photos, they don't amass like they used to. But I also can't just sit and go through them like the old photos. There are pros and cons for both! Have fun making up the albums, I think you have chosen the best way! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #35

Kelly said...

I feel your pain, Elizabeth. I have pitched and pitched and pitched... and I need to pitch more. Sadly, I do use everything that's in the studio.. it's just a room issue. We'll get there, I promise. Creative Blessings! Kelly #29

BJ said...

I think that is the best way to go with the photos. I started doing mine when I was 17 as I was sick of the big cardboard box. I scrap them now, but pre-dec 2003 they are in sticky back albums. Thanks for the visit BJ#13

Shoshi said...

I hope you manage to sort all your photos! Like you, I've got tons and every now and then do a blitz and scan them into the computer. Thank you for your lovely comment. Poor little Phoebe isn't too well this a.m. and if she doesn't improve over the next day or two it will be back to the vet, maybe for the last time. We've been told she's got bowel cancer but last time she was poorly, she rallied well and started eating again.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #44