Saturday, 8 April 2017

Saturday Smiles - Should have been Friday Smiles

Hi Everyone,

After having trouble staying online for any length of time earlier in the week this was followed by not being able to access blogger. Not only could I not post anything from this blog but I couldn't view other folks' blogs too. Sooooo frustrating! Then suddenly all is okay once more and I'm a happy little poster again - I can join in, rather belatedly, Annie's meme Friday Smiles over at A Stitch In Time and share with you what has made me smile this week.

First up is this:
Our new car - that is, new to us. We were sad to say goodbye to our old car but she was fourteen years old and had just had her day. This one is only four years old, automatic, with the roomiest boot (trunk) ever, an engine that positively purrs, and what I like to call the right shade of black - not metallic anything, just plain old shiny black.
Cars, and the colours available, have come a long way since Mr Ford's day but black remains my preferred choice.

This is making me smile too:
My little nursery by the kitchen door. Full of plants just waiting to be planted up - I just have to find suitable spots in the garden for them.

And to finish:

Although these are aimed at the sewers/sewists among us a small change in the wording and they could apply to any obsessive devoted crafter.

Hope you are having a wonderfully smiley weekend.


Sheila said...

Lovely post Elizabeth. Great tee shirt!

Annie said...

Good to see you back joining in at last. These clever machines are fine when they work aren't they? Love the new wheels and your funnies really got me chuckling Ellie.
Hope the rest of your week life plays fair for you.
Annie x