Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What's On Your Workdesk - Wednesday 410

Good Morning!

It's Wednesday and that means I'm joining our WOYWW Head Desker Julia over at the Stamping Ground and, like so many of our fellow deskers, showing what's on my workdesk this morning.
A wider view this week. There's not been much change in the last seven days. The embossing/die-cutting machine is smaller. Off to the left side, out of shot, is the basket of leftover card scraps and centre back is the new box of embossed scraps - last week's job done! That box is three pieces lighter now that I've made a few cards - as can be seen on yesterday's post. I know, it's obvious, all I've accomplished so far is to shift a mountain of cardstock to another, albeit embossed and therefore a more usable mountain ... anyway, that's what I'm telling myself. There's still an awful lot of scraps left in the basket which explains the contents of the other box at the back. Part of my die collection - mainly small ones that will go through the Sapphire. Those scraps are now being turned into die-cut embellishments. Well, that's the grand plan but examination of the wee black basket shows I've not made much headway. I'm far too easily distracted! The stamps, enamel dots and card blanks were used in the making of the aforementioned cards. Far back left are boxes of scrap supplies and far right are the trays of disgrace, the dumping ground for all sorts of bits and bobs - I will clear them out one day, just not today!
Here's a close up showing my total dedication to the task. I now have well-developed upper right arm muscles!
The leftover scraps of card. Wish I'd taken a before shot but I think you can assess just how big the stash mountain was from these two photos.

So that's my desk today. Will it have changed much next week? I'm making no promises - it's Easter and I could be distracted. It certainly won't change much today because I'm going to be desk hopping and commenting as much as possible. I did try last week but Blogger was having a tantrum and not letting me leave comments!!! Happily, it seems to have sorted itself out now -  of course toes and fingers are crossed as I type this.

Have a happy day and a wonderful holiday weekend,


Annie said...

I really hope blogger plays fair with you this week Ellie. Thanks for your lovely comment....everything is crossed here today. Well done you with the sorting and organising. You will win and there's no rush....just enjoy your Easter break.
Annie x #15

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, it's more fun than going to the gym! You'll have to try turning the handle with the other hand though to develop the biceps on your other arm! You'll end up lop-sided otherwise, lol. I think you've done a great job embossing all those scraps as you'll be way more likely to use them now. I hope you have as much fun at the Kite place as we did, I was like a big kid I enjoyed it so much!
Hugs, LLJ 13 xxx

shazsilverwolf said...

Great idea, Elizabeth. I too have mountains of offcuts that never sem to be the right size or colour for a project, so might try this idea. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxXx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Me again! We cut down all the palm trees and just have the stumps to deal with...the bamboo is an ongoing process. The RHS website says be prepared to spend a few years getting rid of it, so we are going to have to use chemicals I'm afraid as digging it out isn't going to work. Like couch grass, if you leave the teensiest bit of root, it grows back again. Plus the fact that it's spread into our neighbour's garden, we might have to attack it there too....sigh!
LLJ xxx

Mrs A. said...

I wouldn't dream of taking a photo of my desk at the present it is just too disgraceful. I have boxes on my desk too of stamps purchased not put away yet as they need to be sorted into the right categories. Papers piled in comparious stacks which will fall at the slightest touch. My intray is somewhere under the toot as well. I need more hours. Retirement Huh!! I think I will retire out to the garden for a spot of lunch and leave this little lot till later. hugs Mrs A.

glitterandglue said...

Hi Elizabeth. I'm impressed - all those embossed pieces of card! I never get around to doing things like that - but I can see how useful it would be - everything all ready for the off, so to speak!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Julia Dunnit said...

Funny how we've both chosen to show and tell our scrap boxes today. Some would say conscience. I say, 'great minds'!! It is a good job, the pre embossed pieces will be more immediately useable for sure. I'm worried that by next week, the embossing machine will have shrunk to the size of a pencil sharpener!

FLR said...

So very recognizable, your scraps of looks like my scraps of fabric.
Love your solution!
Have a nice week

Helen said...

at least you used some of yours! I think I'll just chuck my whole scraps pile out (and start again...!!) it's got so out of hand. Have a great week. Helen #1

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

It seems very easy to get distracted at the moment so much so that I didn't get round many desks last week so making up for it today. Loving your organised scrap boxes and I believe they've gone down a bit if I'm not mistaken. Have a lovely woyww and a great crafty week.
Angela xXx20

Sarah Brennan said...

I'd much rather do your sort of upper body work out than go to the gym. Hope blogger works for you this week! Sarah #9

BJ said...

Love the cutey die cutting machine. BJ#5

Neet said...

When I used to demonstrate die cutting machines I thought about my arm being 'tighter' than the other (bath wings) and so I tried turning with the other arm at home. Didn't last long and I don't notice any change in the right arm to the left. Think you are ok.
You are the second person today I have read who has been going through scrap boxes - mine are in bags and need to be sorted - maybe tomorrow (wink).
Have a lovely Easter, stay safe and well
Hugs, Neet 3
ps Sorry I am so late, visitor got in the way of commenting yesterday and I was flat out trying to do my journal post for today in the evening. xx

scrappymo! said...

It looks like a grand job so far.
I do the same task over here as it is easier to take a pre embossed basket of cardstock and pre cut dies than it is to haul all my dies to to lake or to crop outings!

well done you.