Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekend Roundup

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my newest followers, Jo, Jen and Sue - I hope you enjoy my crafty projects and are entertained enough by my scribblings to occasionally return to see what I've been getting up to :))

The weekend is not entirely over yet so I hope you are all relaxing and having a fun Sunday. We were out and about yesterday, walking along the coastal road between Ardrossan and West Kilbride, and it was so cold and breezy ... bad enough to make your ears dirl (to tingle and burn with pain)! I did manage to take a few photographs, just taking off my gloves long enough to snap and no more :)

I first saw this painted stone more than 40 years ago when I first visited Ayrshire and it amazes me that the message is still there and still legible after all this time ... paint that durable should be used on the Forth Railway Bridge!

It was too cold for me to try to get any nearer for a close-up, but I do know that the message reads, 'It's Jesus that Saves' - sorry I couldn't read the small print but I think it must give the book, chapter and line that is the source.

We soon took refuge in a lovely garden centre with a restaurant attached, an Italian bistro, where we had a warming and tasty bowl of homemade cream of mushroom soup ... delicious! After that it was a quick drive home - we'd had enough of the sea air by that time :)

It's a little known fact, but the EM likes to keep me in flowers. I've no sooner emptied a vase of dying flowers than he pops out to the nearest supermarket and brings home a bunch of whatever takes his eye. Yesterday it was a mixed bouquet and two bunches of daffodils in bud - and look at how much they've opened up in the warmth of the house in just one day:

And here's one of the roses from the bouquet ...

... the most gorgeous velvety red rose - stunning.

So no cards or crafty projects to share with you today but I hope you enjoyed these photographs instead.

I am working on a project today ... covering a notebook that I intend to use for keeping the many sentiments and verses I've been clipping out because they might come in useful some day. Up to now I've just been pushing them into my trusty Words for Every Occasion book but it's got to the unmanageable stage so time to do something about it. Hopefully, I'll finish it today and share it with you tomorrow.

And that being the case, I'd better get a wriggle on because I'll be spending a goodly bit of the evening parked on the sofa enjoying my weekly fix of Dancing on Ice ... just hoping there will be no headbanger this week!!!

Enjoy your evening everyone and keep crafting,


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for sharing the photos today. I wish I had a beach nearby to walk along. That is cool about the rock still having the message on it.

The daffodils are so lovely. The Hospice Group in town sells daffodils as a fundraiser in town. I can see the velvet on the rose petals - very pretty.

i finally decided to catch up on the blogs I follow today. It's always so nice to pop in on you.


Crafty Loops said...

Gorgeous photos Elizabeth. That rose looks stunning. I can almost smell it from here! Lee x

RosC said...

Thanks for your comment. That coast looks cold and bleak indeed, and the light is so beautiful. The heat knocks me around so I'm really a winter time fan, but it isn't as cold here of course.
Interesting about the bracken problem in your part of the world. It's a pest in gardens here but not so much in the bush. It does create bush fire fuel when very dry but its an early recovery plant and holds the soil. There's a view amongst our local habitat managers that in a given area, bracken is a single plant connected under the soil. If you pull it up or burn it, it comes back with a vengeance. If you just bend over the fronds, they die off but the plant doesn't think it's under attach and grow furiously. We've tried it in the garden with some success so far.
I do like these snippets of personal knowledge in our respective worlds.

Hettie said...

Lovely photos there Elizabeth and I have learnt a new word today "dirl"! I will have to remember that one!
I treated myself to some beautiful purple tulips yesterday as I was buying some for my Mum (Get Well) and Buddy (Anniversary) me (Why Not). They are looking lovely and making me feel that Spring is on its way!
Have a lovely week!

Jackie said...

What a beautiful selection of photographs Elizabeth :o)
Jackie xx

RosC said...

I looked up your lovely little word 'dirl' in my favourite Chambers Dictionary. It's there! My ears will forever dirl in the cold.
I looked up where you were walking on Google Maps. So interesting to see where you are.
Ros - again.