Saturday, 4 February 2012

Harbingers of Spring ... Hyacinths in Bloom

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Short post this, but I thought that if these flowers cheered me up this morning they might just cheer some of you up too.

Especially if you are suffering in the snow covered areas of the UK or in northern Europe where I believe it has been really bad. Here in the south-west of Scotland things are not so terrible, it's cold but bearable and it's raining - the promised snow has yet to put in an appearance.

The EM spotted this pot of hyacinths going cheap, and looking a bit neglected, in B&Q (our nearest DIY store) a week or two ago, took pity on them and brought them home. They were still only in leaf at the time and in need of a good drink. He popped them on the hall windowsill - the coolest room in the house - and they have repaid his kindness by blooming beautifully. The hall is full of their perfume - in fact it wafts upstairs and onto the landing - absolutely gorgeous.

I'm planning to use these photographs on cards, they are perfect for a spring birthday or a thank you card, and maybe even a scrap layout, just to remind me of the pleasure these gorgeous flowers have brought us.

Time for lunch now, we're having some of the EM's home-made leek and potato soup with crusty bread - delicious and so warming. I hope you are all keeping warm and staying indoors if you can ... it is not a day for going out - all except RosC in Australia, of course, she's basking in hot, hot, hot sunshine. If I had it in me, I'd emigrate ... today :)

Best wishes to you all and keep crafting,


  1. Lovely - Alan obviously has green fingers. You feel good when you have rescued something. The photos will make up into lovely cards. My little snowdrops are still in bloom but I think their days are numbered.

  2. I love the flower in front of your beautiful windows, Elizabeth, they are a picture. Unfortunately, Hyacinths are the one flower I don't like only because of their perfume, normally I love scented plants but not these I'm afraid!!
    We have the snow but only a dusting, nothing like Europe, it's amazing there isn't it. I heard even the canals in Venice have frozen.
    If you emigrate give me a shout, I'm coming too.
    Stay warm.
    hugs Lisax

  3. I'd be right behind you in emigration queue Elizabeth! Lovely story about the sweet smelling hyacinth, what a gorgeous colour.

  4. Oh how lovely!! My garden is still covered by several inches of snow, it will be such a delight to see my spring bulbs bloom.
    Blessings Bernie

  5. Lovely flowers I can almost smell them! I hope you enjoyed your soup, it sounds gorgeous! xx

  6. Oh what a beautiful photograph Elizabeth .. .. I love the smell of hyacinths.

    What a beautiful window you have them standing in front of too.

    Your soup sounded lovely!! Yummy!!!

    Love Jules xx

  7. Beautiful hyacinth's Elizabeth, in sunny Eastbourne were under 4" of snow at the moment brrrrrrrrrr can I have a bowl of soup please, Hugs May x x x

  8. The flowers look so gorgeous infront of that window ...and the shots will make beautiful cards.
    the Leek and potatoe soup sounds yummy ...I love making chunky soup and having cheese sprinkled on top.xx

  9. I can just imagine these photos on cards they are stunning.Love your stained glass windows too.



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