Friday, 4 November 2016

Friday Smiles - Week 194

Hello Everyone,

I'm grabbing the opportunity Annie, over at A Stitch In Time, gives us each week to reflect on what has made me smile this week. This week it is the autumn that has me smiling a lot.

This is my little green beech tree - the one I brought, as a tiny sapling, all the way from a nursery discovered on the shores of Loch Ness just over three years ago.

Now resplendent in autumn colours, this little tree brings me a lot of pleasure.

This photo isn't the best, it was taken through a window, but this little fellow filling his cheeks with peanuts just makes me smile.

I know non-native grey squirrels are not to be encouraged, primarily because of the damage they are doing to our native red squirrel population, but that doesn't stop me having a fondness for our little squirrel family of three. The baby, not pictured, is delightful.

Most of the year they were only spotted occasionally but they've been really busy the last few weeks fattening themselves up for winter hibernation.

I could show you a lot more photos, both of the multi-coloured leaves in my garden and the squirrels but I hope those I have shared have made you smile as much as I they do me.

Have a very smiley Friday and a wonderful weekend.


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Fun Friday smiles Elizabeth. Love the fall colors..Crispy cool this am, but predicated 68 for this afternoon. Quite unusual in Iowa That squirrel has the longest tail I've seen on a squirrel ~ Ours are busy with walnuts, they work so hard and enjoy the jumps from tree to tree. Have a fun weekend.

Di said...

What a lovely uplifting post Elizabeth! Made my day seeing the wee squirrel :)

Any sign of hedgies exploring the hedgie house yet?


Di xx

Annie said...

I really loved your autumn leaves....such gorgeous colours about at the mo aren't there? Your squirrel made me smile too even though they do such damage. They are such clever little characters. Thanks for sharing and for your lovely comments.
Annie x

Sandra H said...

Gorgeous post Elizabeth the trees looking at their best changing to the gorgeous autumn colours and the squirrel l just love to see them around the garden l saw one crossing my grass yesterday and the birds eating from the bird post l recently put on the garden sending lots of love xx

Lisca said...

Beautiful autumn colours indeed! Very beautiful.
And the squirrel is cute. Yes, I know they do a lot of damage and when I workded at the hospice they sometimes stole food from the patients' plate! The little blighters.
Have a good weekend,

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Elizabeth, don't know what I'd do without my garden to visit, changing all the time, lovely colourful surprises like your gorgeous autumn leaves...found one of my lilies flowering hiding behind something else. Squirrels are cute like our possums, but we won't feed them anymore as they got into the roof and made a mess, I'm hoping there's no gaps now are renos are done. Have a wonderful weekend cheers Robyn

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, the grey squirrels are just bullies but thank goodness where there are red ones still surviving they are being protected now. However it's still nice to see the grey ones and all their silly antics. We do need to be careful though. My next door neighbour used to feed them, until they chewed through the soffit board at the back of the house and started nesting and it was quite a job to get them out I can tell you. Have a great weekend, Angela x

Megan J said...

Hi Elizabeth, gorgeous little birch tree the colours are beautiful, love the bird photo bombing the squirrel in the second photo! Have a great weekend... Megan

mamapez5 said...

Your beech tree is beautiful. It reminded me of the big one we had in our last house in UK. It was fantastic at this time of year. I really enjoyed all the Autumnal colours on my visit last week. Kate x