Monday, 28 November 2016

A Year In My Life Album & In A Vase On Monday

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. It's been a quiet one here but that's okay - quiet gave me the time to make a few more Christmas cards, wrap a few presents, and check my 'to do' list to see what still needs to be done. And it's plenty!!!

One of the projects coming up is to complete an album recording a year in my life ... starting tomorrow, my 69th birthday. Why this particular birthday? Well, for no better reason than I'm saying goodbye to my sixties and I think it's a year that I should record.
This is the album I've chosen - I thought the cover was very appropriate. As you can see it will be a project life style but, as I'm not very good at sticking to anything too prescribed, the papers I'll be using will not be from any particular collection. Instead, I'll be mixing it up by choosing from the huge amount of fabulous paper and cardstock I've been acquiring for years. It won't bother me that the patterns are not current, after all those I have were chosen because I liked them. In fact, it's going to be a very good way of using up stuff I have had for ages.
The list you can see is a note of the week beginnings and endings to keep me right ... I could get very muddled without it. The plan is that each week will take up only one side of a Design A insert (Becky Higgins). I think that will be easier/more manageable than trying to keep it up on a daily basis. It should be fun,both  to make and to look back on when I get to my 79th birthday!!!

I don't plan to join in with Cathy's meme this week because, having a cold, I haven't been out foraging today. However, not to disappoint those of you who pop in to see my In A Vase On Monday I thought  I'd show you this little arrangement put together during the week just gone.
There's eucalyptus, ivy, skimmia berries and two rosebuds, one from 'Simply The Best' and the other 'Hot Chocolate'. Oh, and a cutting from the Christmas tree that grows by the driveway gate. I don't know how long it has been growing there but it must be a lot of years because it it huge - too big to bring indoors!

Time I got back to Christmas card making now.

Take care everyone.


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AlisonC said...

What a lovely idea to keep a record like that. It will be lots of work but lots of fun. The red and green are very festive on your vase. I'm making lots of lists too!