Wednesday, 2 November 2016

What's On Your Workdesks Wednesday - WOYWW Week 387

Hello WOYWWers and All,

Greetings from a very cold, only 1°C this morning, but bright and sunny day here in Ayrshire. A perfect day for staying cosy indoors and just admiring the fabulous autumnal colour in the trees that can be seen from my craft room window. Which brings me to the point of this blog - my desk and our weekly visit to the Stamping Ground, to link up with our Head Desker, Julia; taking the opportunity to see what both she and a whole lot of other crafters have on their desks to today.
And here's the desk. It's all Christmas themed. A pile of new stash bought at the show at the SECC on Saturday has galvanized me into action ... there's nothing more stimulating than new stash, don't you think? There's the trees in the background, behind the mountain of card scraps. In front of that is a pile of card waiting to be used, well some of it anyway, in cards. 

Here's another view ... one that shows all the stuff I keep on my desk most of the time.That's a bunch of toppers made using stencils, inks, waxes, and glitter paste. Messy, really messy, but an awful lot of fun!

That's the desk this week, only the one - the sewing table is little changed from last week. 

I teased earlier with a mention of new stash and I'm sure you would want to see it so here's a few photos.
Templates, Embossing Folders and Palette Knives

Sewing related goodies - the white stuff is wash away web for machine embroidery
Our fellow desker, Annie, aka Wipso, of a Stitch In Time makes the most beautiful memory bears so when I spotted the pattern I was delighted and just had to buy it. I vowed that I wouldn't buy any more fabric but I just could not resist the pink floral - at only £2 it was a bargain. My daughter, charged to keep me on track, joked that she would let me off this time :)

Apologies to Julia but here's a few more photos from the SECC. 

A Christmas cushion that took my eye - as did all those lovely fat quarters behind.

Teeny weeny guitars based on those played by just about every guitarist you can name.

A beautiful silk painted panel created by the Scottish Branch , Guild of Silk Painters to - apologies that the photo isn't the best, there's a good close-up on the Guild's website.

This brightly illustrated van actually driven into the hall - saves transporting a huge stock of pens from the car park!

 And finally, the Wincher's Stance, found inside the Buchanan Street bus station terminal buiding in Glasgow on the way to the SECC. The name of this bronze sculpture comes from the local slang word for kissing or courting, “winching.” It shows a very touching scene of two young lovers meeting again after being apart for some time and separated by many miles. The aptly named sculptor is John Clinch.

There's even a tear of joy rolling down the young woman’s cheek.

Once again I apologise to Julia for such a photo heavy post. I hope I'm forgiven this week. I'll try to be good next week.

Take care everyone and have a very happy WOY.


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Lots of interesting things to see here! Loving your new stencils - you can't have too many of those! The mini guitars are just awesome - probably more impressive all together than one by one. Beautiful statue too and I really like that Christmas cushion. Thanks for sharing the yumminess! zsuzsa #31

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

ps. very similar weather here in Gloucestershire, though perhaps not as cold down here!

Annie said...

Hi Ellie. Thanks for the kind comments. I love your bear pattern. I designed my pattern to be made rather more simply otherwise each one would take me too long to be able to sell them at a reasonable price....they really are becoming very popular and I've had orders for two more this morning already 😄😄😄😄....just as well I really enjoy making them eh? I love your chosen fabric too...such a lot of lovely things to see on your post today.
Annie x #13

Jane Willis said...

I had to pop over and see your scrap basket! Why is it however much stash we have, we can still never bear to throw anything away? Talking of stash, I have serious stash envy now after your SECC shop

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have a few of those Imagination Crafts stencils, but I spy a couple more I shall have to get on Sunday! And if that guitar stall is at the Birmingham one, I shall have to drag Hubby away from it- eventually, lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #22 xxx

Lindart said...

I love your new stash of stencils dies and palette knives, I look at that and ideas swoosh through my head - I wish they were on my desk! LOL! And that statue of the lovers - love it too! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #41

Sandra H said...

Lots going on here Elizabeth as always and l can't wait to see what you make next.......the cushion is gorgeous! x

SandeeNC said...

wow, you have LOTS to stimulate your senses! Stay warm and cozy, happy crafting!

Sharon said...

I appreciate you sharing your pictures with those of us who didn't make it. Love all your new goodies. I hope you have as much fun with those memory bears as our other desker does. They always look so wonderful.

Sharon K #38

LisaDV said...

Your toppers look fab, and oh what fantastic new goodies you have to play with. Have a Wonderful Wednesday and terrific week. LisaDV #37

Helen said...

what fab things you bought, and I love the statue at the bus station.
Re the table - I am not sure if it was a sewing machine table, I did get it from my parents house, they used to have the telephone on it at one time... It is very like the sewing machine tables though. well spotted! (it was supposed to be a temporary stand for my tv but......) Helen #2

Neet said...

Love your photos - all of them. Got a friend coming to stay who now lives in America but did live in Glasgow at one time. She is going to see her mum up there but calling for a couple of days with us. IK will ask her/sow her the photo of the couple you posted.
Didn't know you came from around Pendle area - what a surprise.
Sorry I digress, loved the Christmas cushion you showed us and the other things from the show and also fell in love with your shopping. What fab stencils you purchased. Judging by the cards yu have started to make you will soon be putting them to good use.
Hugs and thanks for visiting me, Neet (I have been off line for the afternoon - computers!) 5 xx

Dorlene Durham said...

Very nice photos! Dorlene #46

Sharon Madson said...

HI Elizabeth! Love those stencils. I would have so much fun with them! And great photo of the statue in Glassgow! Thanks for sharing. I love visiting your space, because I have been to Ayr! :) Loved it.

Mrs.D said...

Morning Elizabeth, It sounds as if you had a wonderful time at the show and bought lots of goodies,it is amazing how some things are such a good bargain it would be naughtier to leave them there than to buy them, that pink fabric clearly had your name on it.
We are almost certainly not moving until after Christmas now, and I am happier with that level of certainty, I can enjoy getting ready for Christmas now.
Thanks for visiting
Chris #7

BJ said...

Thanks for the visit Elizabeth, I'm still hoping that all the Christmas themed desks will get me inspired but not as yet.... Love the stencils BJ#48

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've never heard of winching before!! That's a great statue, I really like art like that.
Look at all those beautiful new stamps, the deer in the forest caught my eye, really fab though all your cards look good!
LLJ 9 xxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That is a lovely statue and such a sweet sentiment that I am sure many people can relate to. Lots to see today but I am eyeing up those lovely stencils. Happy belated WOYWW, Angela x 19

Unknown said...

Hello Elizabeth. Oh that is some great new goodies you have gotten yourself and I do love how your desks sits so close to a window to enjoy the last days of fall. We have winter that's for sure around here and already done with shoveling snow. Your card toppers are looking great and always so much fun playing with new goodies to as I have also picked up some new ones but never remember to post them. Thanks for visiting me earlier and have a fantastic weekend. Hugs ~Anne L#1