Monday, 7 November 2016

In A Vase On Monday - Purple Phase

Good Afternoon,

It's a very cold Monday here, -2°C this morning; time to look out the winter vests! Being below freezing does mean that the nasturtiums have been damaged beyond recovery so they will have to come out. Shame, I'll miss all those lovely oranges, reds and yellow flowers. However, apart from the leaves on the trees which are looking fabulous, there is still a surprising amount of purples, mauves and lilacs dotted around: I'm thinking of it as the garden's purple phase, hence the title of this post. And that brings me to today's vase for Cathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday at Rambling In The Garden

Apart from some green foliage, eucalyptus and fennel, and a few sprigs of Ageratina 'Chocolate' a very late bloomer. everything else is in shades of purple.
There's agastache foeniculum, 'Blue Boa', verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop', an African Daisy (osteospermum) and another verbena, a trailing bedding type, The last two were spotted going cheap at a supermarket and rescued from certain death so I have no idea of what varieties they are. My husband planted them up together in a large pot where they were given a bit of TLC and it's paid dividends, albeit a bit late in the year. I shall be sad to see them go over.

As the flowers all had short stems, I tied them into a posy and trimmed the stems even more before popping them into the small silver julep vase which I thought was the perfect container for all those purples.

This could be the last of the summer flowers although there are still a few roses lingering despite the cooler temperatures. .I'm not too disheartened because there are lots of evergreens and berried twigs just waiting to be foraged over winter. Listen to me! In past years I would have been buying flowers through the winter months but because of Cathy's encouraging meme I now look at my garden with an eye to what will make a lovely vase even in winter. However, Cathy's talent for finding props and using great titles hasn't rubbed off on me yet!

Happy Gardening,


Anonymous said...

Brr! -2C... meant to be negative temperatures here tonight but it has just started to rain so we may have a reprieve after all. Your purple phase is delightful - ehat an interesting selection you have and there are some I need to look up like the agertina and that Blur Boa variety of agastache - we learn a lot on this meme! Well done for the supermarket rescue - I shall be able to start eyeing up Aldi's bargain plants again come January! Thanks for sharing and for your continued enthusiasm

Kathyk said...

They're beautiful


Craftychris said...

Love this vase of beautiful blooms! xxx

Cathy said...

Stunning arrangement Elizabeth, such pretty purples, Cathy x

Kris Peterson said...

Purple is perfect in any season!

karen gimson said...

very pretty colours. Aren't we lucky the flowers have lasted so long this autumn. It is lunchtime and still -1 here today. I'm not ready for this sudden dip into winter. Thanks for sharing your flowers.

AlisonC said...

This is a very pretty vase of flowers and gorgeous colours. I pleased to come across your blog with the link to Cathy's. I love growing and cutting flowers. We too have had our first frosts (Somerset) so the dahlias and nasturtiums are looking rather sad but there are still treasures to find.