Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday Smile

It's been quite a week for the family. My youngest great-granddaughter, Lacie, was rushed into hospital Sunday evening because she had difficulty in breathing. There followed a few tense hours while she was on oxygen, and not too happy with the mask - she's only a year old so it must have been very frightening for her. The diagnosis was bronchiolitis. I'm glad to say she recovered quickly and was soon allowed home again where she is now doing well.

I'm sure our collective sigh of relief could be heard all over the country. It was good to be able to stop worrying and smile again. And here's a few other things that have made me smile.

Each year when the Christmas lights go up these greetings, designed by the children and students of local schools and colleges, are also put up in the main shopping thoroughfare.  Here's just a few.

There are many more but I don't want to make this post overly photo heavy. I think that it is such a good idea to get the local children/students involved and their artwork is stunning.

No funny this week. Instead I have a stunning view of snow on the hills of the Isle of Arran. The photo was taken by my grandson, Josh, from Saltcoats where my daughter and her family live.

Surely waking up to a view like that would make anyone smile.

Those photos have got me smiling again - I hope you enjoy them too. Time to pop over to Annie's, A Stitch In Time, to link with her smiley post and see what others have been smiling at this week.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend,


Annie said...

Thanks for sharing your smiles from this week Ellie. I can see why they made you smile. The scenery is stunning but brrrrrr it looks so cold.
Annie x

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Lovely photos Elizabeth and you're right, the view on the last one is a real stunner. I'm sorry to hear about your little Great-granddaughter being so poorly but pleased to hear that she's getting better now. My two Grandchildren are a similar age and so I can imagine just how stressful this must have been for you all. Enjoy your weekend. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

JoZart Designs said...

Hello Elizabeth, Sorry to hear about Lacie and I really hope she is 100%again very soon. It's always a worry having little ones ill.
It's such a lovely idea to have the banners of the children's Christmas artwork, on public display. They must all be so proud and what a super showcase.
I love the snowcapped mountains but prefer to look at them not visit!! Brrrr.
Stay cosy,,,
Jo x

Lisca said...

Make it as photo heavy as you like Elizabeth! I love looking at photos.
Certainly the Christmas wishes by students and children is a good idea. It must be a great feeling seeing their artwork up there for all to see.
I'm pleased that Lacie is feeling better. Babies get ill very quickly, but recover just as quickly.
The snowcapped mountains are beautiful. What a view!
Have a great week,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth. Love the photos and what an amazing view, looks cold though. Those signs by the children are brilliant and what a great idea bet the kids love to see their design up there. You must be very relieved that Lacie is okay, sounds scary for you all. Wishing you a great weekend, with lots of smiles, Angela xXx

Sandra H said...

Small children or any aged child is a worry but so pleased to know all is well now and what a lovely idea with the childrens drawings to be used for the Christmas them nice to be involved! the snow looks a lovely sight nice that its not ground level take care x

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday/weekend Elizabeth, what a brilliant idea with the children's artwork, they must be quite proud to have them on display for the town to see. Glad your little Lacie is ok too. WHAT a view, I would love it, and snow - we have the air con on today, it's hot. Have a super weekend Cheers Robyn

mamapez5 said...

What a lovely idea to post the children's art like that. It must be really encouraging for them.
I am so glad your little girlie is getting better. It must have been a real scare for you all.
The photo of the snowy mountains is beautiful. as you say, a truly lovely view to wake up to. Kate x