Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Patchwork & Quilting - Blue Patch Quilter's Exhibition - the large quilts

Hello Everyone

I hope it's a better day than it is here today wherever you are. Not that I'm complaining because if it is dreary outside then I get to stay cosy here in my craft space. And while I'm here I thought I'd share some of the photos I took at the Blue Patch Quilter's Open Day Exhibition that took place nearby in Alloway, near Ayr, earlier this month.

There were so many beautiful quilts and projects to show you that I have decided to split them into several posts ... otherwise this post would go on forever!

So here are the shots taken of the larger quilts.

This quilt was made by a beginner quilter but you'd never guess. The work is quite lovely.

My daughter pointed out the quilting on this one. Closer inspection reveals that it has been done on a sewing machine using a twin needle.
Here's a close up of the twin needle stitching.

That's the large quilts. Coming up are the smaller ones.

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Barb said...

They are certainly lovely Elizabeth. A lot of skill on display. It was a miserable day here yesterday but today the sun is shining. Enjoy your crafting. Barbxx