Thursday, 21 April 2016

Garden - Plum Tree blossom and the Weeding of a Bed

Morning Folks,

It's another beautiful day here so I thought I'd share a little bit of sunshine.
Blossom on the plum tree the EM planted last year. If the flowers are anything to go by he's going to have quite a harvest in the autumn.
This is the bed Annie and I worked on yesterday. Well, in all fairness, Annie did most of the work ... my input is more directorial rather than sweat inducing toil these days :) Very frustrating but, hey ho, that's how it has to be for now. Anyway, what you are looking at is a newly weeded bed planted up with some 'new plants' ... that is, plants that have been in pots for many months just waiting to be moved to a more permanent site. We also divided a potentilla that had got too large for it's pot and found homes for the divisions in this bed. I'm really pleased with how the bed, which was carved out of the lawn at the end of last summer, is shaping up. It just needs a top dressing of compost and daily watering to help those plants settle in and all should be well.

I hope the weather is being kind to you too and you are getting out and enjoying the sunshine.

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Barb said...

Yes it looks as if you're going to have a good crop of plums. I have a friend who gives me some each year and a pot of jam too yum! Your border looks great. You and Annie have done a good job. Now you can sit back and enjoy - perhaps a little weeding! Barbxx