Monday, 2 January 2017

My First Full Size Quilt

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well on what is another bright, sunny but frosty day here in bonnie Ayrshire.

Yesterday evening I finally finished my first quilt. 

A few stats for just in case anyone's interested: it's single bed size, length 67", width 47". The fabric is from a Lewis & Irene line called A Walk In The Glen - bought at Manders in Glasgow. The fabric cost £88 and I spent about another £12 on thread and quilter's safety pins total spend on materials approximately £100. I had other equipment needed, e.g. a cutting board, rotary cutter, ruler and sewing machine, already but did end up buying a larger cutting board and longer ruler because it soon became obvious that they would be helpful - approximate cost £30. I could also add in the cost of the classes - another £50. It's an expensive business, quiltmaking :) 

Then there's the time it took me - a one hour lesson every fortnight = 7 hours - plus the time taken at home in between lessons - possibly another 7-8 hours, maybe more. I didn't keep a record. 

After saying all that, I can honestly say I'm delighted, and relieved, to have finished my first full size quilt :) So much so, I'm preparing to start the classes again on 19th January when we will be making a quillow, a quilt that folds into it's own pillow case, using the log cabin pattern.

Take care and stay safe.


Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Wow, this is incredible! You must be so proud Elizabeth. I bet there are many people who will start something like this but never get it finished, so well done you. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Sandra X

AlisonC said...

How wonderful, I'm not surprised you're very pleased with it. I like the colours. It's certainly not a cheap hobby as it was when people used to cut up old clothes and curtains! Worth it though, now you have something very special.

cuilliesocks said...

OMG Elizabeth, how beautiful, and heirloom project if ever there was one. Well done, I love it, not a cheap thing to make, let alone the hours put into it.
Happy New Year to you Elizabeth, I hope it will be a year of health and happiness for you, Kate x

MagsB said...

Qbsolutely beautiful, Elizabeth! Such pretty fabrics!

love Mags B x

Sandra H said...

Ooooh wow this is gorgeous l love the style and the colours your so creative xx

Sheila said...

Well done Elizabeth, such an achievement to finish your first quilt. I love this range of fabric, I used their previous line, The Glen, for a couple of cushions last year. Hope to pop in on the 19th.x

Neet said...

You definitely are right in being delighted with this quilt. It is beautiful - well done you. Enjoy the class - I am looking forward to seeing how this next pillow unfolds.
Hugs, Neet xx

Jean said...

Your quilt is really beautiful Elizabeth. Well done for completing such a large project. I love the fabrics and colours you used. I'm so glad you enjoyed making it enough to to be ready to start work on another one. I'll look forward to seeing it.
Jean x