Monday, 9 January 2017

In A Vase On Monday - Winter Gems

Evening Everyone

Despite it still being warm for the time of year there's very few pickings in the garden now. And not a lot of colour either. There is still the winter jasmine with it's tiny yellow flowers, used in a vase last week, and there are a few tiny blue primulas but I've left them where they are ... if they were picked there would be no colour at all.

Instead, I've trimmed a few short stems of these winter gems ... Sweet Box or Christmas Box, this variety is indeed Sarcococca 'Winter Gem', and Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price'. Both are hardy, evergreen shrubs just planted last year in the grass border that divides the driveway from the front path.

I'm hoping the warmth of the house will encourage the red buds of the Sarcococca to open into the highly fragrant white flowers that this plant is renowned for. I've just discovered that this shrub is ideal for under-planting trees. This is good - there are two areas in the garden where very little grows because of the massive fir trees there. It's been a real problem but I may just have found the answer.

The pink buds of 'Eve Price' opening to reveal tiny white flowers that are so pretty and in winter a very welcome sight.

Because the sprigs I picked are very short, I chose a small vase, actually four small vases fixed to a tile base, in which to display them. This vase has a bit of a history. The first time it was used I was disappointed to find that the base was very porous, water would slowly seep through making it not fit for purpose. Who would have thought it! However, after much deliberation I came up with a solution, the base is now waterproof so it can now be used without leaving watermarks on the furniture.

I was going to remove the glass pot next to the vase before the photo was taken but, as it has a frosted finish that seemed appropriate for the winter theme, it was left where it was.

As usual, thanks go to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting In A Vase On Monday and encouraging us to search our gardens for material for a vase each week.


  1. A cute little vase and perfect for small things but not much good if it leaks! I saw two sarcococca growing very well in pots last week so I may move mine, it's growing so slowly. I hope you can get yours to grow under a tree. That sounds ideal.

  2. You didn't say what your waterproofing solution was - or is it a secret?! It's a lovely vase for short sprigs though and it's good to have even tiny buds to place in our vases during winter. Hope yours open more for you and thanks for sharing them

  3. I understand your reluctance to cut the primrose and I think the Sarcococca and Viburnum serve well as stand-ins. I hope that Sarcococca releases its scent for you to enjoy!

  4. I, too was given a very pretty vase that was completely porous, what was your solution for making it waterproof? Your foliage and buds make a lovely winter arrangement. I don't think the Sarcococca would like the very acid conditions under fir trees; I know they grow well in shade so perhaps you have another spot for more plants, they do have a wonderful scent.

  5. So pretty! No color at my house for now, but we always have some green, which I love! PS--the string art I did actually didn't take long at all--may do it again!

  6. These snippets of branches are so pretty! I really like the vases too!

    I had a vase that the base was too porous so I painted clear nail polish over it...


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