Thursday, 26 January 2017

In A Vase On Thursday - A Rainbow in Polka Dot Jug

Hello Everyone

This post ought to be entitled In A Vase On Monday but I didn't quite make it for Cathy's meme over at Rambling in the Garden this week.However, it did seem such a shame not to share it with you this week so here it is just several days late.
The rainbow of the title is the Euphorbia x martinii 'Ascot Rainbow'. It seems that this spurge got it's name because of it's striking, sage and lime green foliage that turn stunning shades of pink, red and orange during the colder months. I like it particularly for the vibrant green flowers with bright red centres.
Also in the jug is a few sprigs of Eucalyptus gunni. The leaves were growing too large so I thought it was a good time to clip a few to encourage fresh growth in spring. And encouraged by Cathy's recent use of stems of Cornus in her A Shot in the Dark vase I've added a few from from C. Alba Siberian Pearls - the red compliments the flowers of the Euphorbia very well. Tucked in at the back is a couple of sprigs from out huge unknown variety of Cotoneaster - it's so big it won't notice the loss.

It's no secret I love polka dots, especially white ones on a red background, so when I spotted this jug in a sale on a recent shopping expedition I just had to have it. The cake tin is a lot older. Like the fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, I don't think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot!

The arrangement has been on our hall stand for several days now and is holding up well despite the heat from a nearby radiator.

Wishing you all a lovely day.


Sandra H said...

So lovely and l love the vase too! x

scrappymo! said...

Your bouquet looks so pretty. I used to have that Euphorbia at the old house. I do miss it over here.

I do not have a single thing to put in a vase other than just greenery. It has been very cold here this winter so i think it will even set back the spring bulbs. Even the snowdrops are not cresting their greenery yet!