Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW Week 285

Good Morning Everyone,

Ah yes, it's that day again! Time to reveal to Julia, Head WOYWW Desker, and all fellow deskers, the disgrace that is my desk this morning ...
... an shameful guddle!!! Piles! Lots of them and most of it came out of the blue box top right of the photo. It's the catchall box - everything that gets in my way gets stuffed into it to be sorted at a later date. Well, that date came on Sunday this week. I emptied everything out, sorted it into piles with the intention of creating something, a few somethings in fact, with it all or, failing that, dumping it in the bin because just how much stuff can one woman keep hoarding??? To date, I've made two cards, one you can see lying on top of the pink gelli print and the other was posted on Sunday ... scroll down to investigate further :) The white stuff in the tub is grouting powder - need to label the tub before storing it tidily away with all the painty stuff ... I believe it can be mixed with gesso to make a texture paste.

Doesn't look so bad from that angle, take a look at this:
There, I've well and truly shamed myself now. Shocking, too much, and I can't stand it anymore ... I need space!!!

Want to see more desks, some as messy as mine, some much tidier - hop over to the Stamping Ground and check out the links ... it's revealing and it's fun :)

Happy WOYWW to you all ... Blogger permitting, I plan to spend the day visiting as many desks as humanly possible. Many thanks to everyone who visits and comments - it's all much appreciated :)

Happy Crafting too,


Anonymous said...

mal geschaut und für gut befunden, alles Gute, Klaus

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I know the feeling. I continue to sort out/sell/donate/chuck out - but the contents of my craft room are still far too much. I dream about just having some neat storage with the basics in - as I really do all of my crafting digitally now. However, it is so hard to part with the few stamps etc and the many many sheets of paper that I still have. Ali x #42

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, space. The more we have the more we fill it up, so we never really have more at the end of the day, it's just a big con, lol!! I think we've all got a catch-all container, I've got one on my desk too, I also put new stamps in there and then completely forget I've got them! That can be a nice surprise! Pretty cards you've made though.

Brenda 47

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh I love your word 'guddle'!! Made me chuckle. Your desk looks fun to me, busy and creative. Take care Zo xx 50

Robyn said...

no where near shameful huddle if any desk is visible!
lots of creativity join ton here! keep it up!
thanks for visiting
Robyn 3

Neet said...

I think I spy my Rubber Necker stamp on your desk? I really need to get using the ones I have.
Your desk always looks nice and tidy and I think the box at the back is a splendid idea - I just push it all to one side and then I get frustrated at the mess.
Is 'guddle' a Scottish word?
Hugs, Neet 27 xxx
ps the wooden peg has left - now let the competition begin (sorry but I didn't think much of her upper body work) - not meaning to upset a Scot at all. xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Guddle! Lol, what a great whole craft room is a humongous guddle. Ah well, I'll tidy up this weekend!
Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

Krisha said...

Oh yes, yes we all have that container of bits and piece we are going to use "someday". I get mine almost emptied, then what's left breeds and the box become full again.......LOL
Still love seeing your desk and all the fun on it.
Grout + Gesso= modeling paste? Must try that, thanks for sharing that tid bit.
Krisha #5

Sue said...

I know this feeling well Elizabeth lol I spent ages tidying my craft room up the other day and some of it is back the way it was! huggles Sue xxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Elizabeth,
now you have made me laugh, as my DH always says how do you craft in such a small space on your desk, when you have so much on there.
So as far as I can see we crafty peeps must be very much the same looking at your desk, and I noticed in your second picture your window sill too, and mine is very similar with craft items on there too.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Chrysalis said...

Hi Elizabeth - I'd have said your desk was 'lived in' rather than messy, but I know what you mean. I hate working in a muddle - which is a real shame as that's how I always seem to be LOL!! Enjoy working through your stash, and coming up with more lovely cards, and have a great week, Chris # 8

lisa said...

What an interesting desk, Elizabeth. I've had a lovely rummage. You have some lovely looking stamps there and I love all the pipettes. Mine are not stored any where near as neatly!
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax #38

Annie said...

I'm sitting down for while for the first time today having just got home from my day with the twinnie what better to do than catch up with as many blogs as I can? :-)
My life seems to go from one guddle to another Elizabeth ;-).....I love that word.
Annie x # 19

Helen said...

Oops, if you think your space is bad, don't look too closely here... oh you already visited, ha ha!! Great desk. Helen 4

Anne said...

I don't think you space is too bad Elizabeth - mine has looked much worse all week. Like 'guddle' :-) x Anne x #34

Glenda said...

I love your space. I'm always clearing out and re-examining what I do and with what. I vow to purchase nothing else and to use what I have. I'm on the Craft Hoarders design team now and it has been so good for me! My name is Glenda and I'm a Craft Hoarder!
Glenda #40

Carole Pollard said...

I feel better your desk looked exactly the same as mine this afternoon certain you will get sorted and these will be wonderful creations Love and hugs Carole x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Mmmm space, not sure what that is at the moment but what the heck! you have to make a mess lol! otherwise you're not playing properly!
Hope you have a great crafty week, Angela x 28

Anonymous said...

How funny you mention the scandi knitwear popular in Scotland :) DS is at uni up there so maybe I should give him a jumper for Xmas LOL!

I hate the smell of grout, but I like my recipe of talc +paint + glue to make texture paste. Smells like a baby's (clean and powdered!) bottom.
Back to Safari so I can carry on :)

Happy happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Artatag said...

Hmm shameful?? If this is shameful, I should never again dare showing my workspace. Because yours is neat, compared to mine. I just call it busy, lol! There seems to be a lot of lovely stuff on your table!
Gabriele 26

Scrapthology said...

I don't think that's a messy desk at all just busy with creative goodies.