Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday Smiles - Week 95

Morning Everyone,

It's Friday again and that means it's time to join in with Annie, over at A Stitch In Time, and share something that caused a smile this week. Mine is turning out to be a week of red letter days, what with two birthdays to celebrate, the news that another great-grandchild is expected next year and the things that my little great-grands get's up to.

My great-grand, Rhian, covered in spots and looking as though she has caught some dreaded lurgy but that smile is much too broad, don't you think?!?! 

She used pink marker to create the 'spots' - very effectively too! This was whilst on a sleepover at my daughter's ... she thought she'd play a trick on her grandma :)
Fortunately a bath sorted out all those spots in no time at all leaving her looking very healthy indeed :)
And here's my other little great-grand, Brodie, spark out ... that's his gran he is using as a pillow :) This little sweetie had his second birthday two days ago and it looks as though all the excitement was too much for him!

All-in-all, it's been a fun week made even better by hearing the news from my oldest grandson, William, that he and his lovely girlfriend, Heather, are expecting their first baby in June next year - a third great-grandchild! I couldn't wish for a better birthday present for myself this week than happy news like that :)

If you have something to smile about and you'd like to share it, do pop over to A Stitch In Time and link your post there. I'm sure Annie will be delighted to see you.

Wishing you a week with plenty to make you smile :)


Annie said...

Oh Elizabeth what a lovely post...two gorgeous little people [love the spots] and wonderful news of another on the way. Birthday? Yours? If so then here's wishing you a wonderful day.
Biggest hugs,
Annie x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth. At first I thought she might have chicken pox. Oh, but you are right. The smile too big and she looks up to something!

Congrats on another great gran!


Jenny L said...

Hi Elizabeth,
oh what fab news your 3rd Great grandchild.
I too am going to become a great granny for the 3rd time at the end of March.
My eldest granddaughter is expecting her 3rd child.
Wait till the other 11 start. lol.
Don't those lovely little angels do the funniest things.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Sandra H said...

Oh how luck is she to take the pen off at once time we used to do that and it stayed on for a long they are so funny at times! x

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth, happy birthday to you. Oh aren't those littlies something...fancy tricking her nan like that, she's a real sweetie. Lovely news of a new one on the way too. Have a wonderful weekend Robyn

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I'm late getting here. Just said good-bye to Thanksgiving company. Looks like I'm just in time to wish you a very happy birthday. And a wonderful birthday it will be, too, what with all those smiles and a new great grand baby on the way.

You asked about my needles. I buy them at the local fabric store, and they are SUPPOSEDLY guaranteed for 30,000 stitches. They are extra heavy duty and will sew through paper with ease, then go into fabric and paper. That is, if I don't break one. I've used this one for nearly four months, so, I can't complain, although it was an inopportune time for it to happen.

Again, hope your birthday is fantastic, and kiss Bonnie for me (and Bleubeard, too). She is one lucky and spoiled girl.

Jackie said...

Wonderful photographs Elizabeth, I can't believe how quickly they are growing :o)
Jackie xx

Hettie said...

A very happy Friday indeedly for you Elizabeth. Happy St Andrews Day!
The spots reminded me of a trick my sister played on me once. She covered me in green sticky spots so when I woke up I thought I had chicken pox like my friend had!!
Naughty Big Sister ey. She is sooo much older then me though!

Diane said...

Super cute post Elizabeth and fun pictures.

Hugs diane

Bonnie said...

Your great grands are adorable, spots and all!