Monday, 24 November 2014

In A Vase On Monday - The Last Roses of the Year

Afternoon Everyone,

It was sunny but a tad chilly when I nipped out to the garden to do a bit of foraging for today's vase.
Because of the very definite plunge in temperature it wasn't too difficult to decide what to gather - it had to be the last of the roses - every one of them, buds too!  If you've been popping in on Mondays to see what's on display you will be familiar with most of the roses here ... L'aimant, Burgundy Ice, Faithful, Elina, Happy Retirement, Simply the Best.
There is, however, a beautiful white rose you may not have seen before, Tranquillity - our only David Austin - you can see it in the centre there. I'm not sure that David Austin roses do well here in Scotland, albeit the south-west of the country ... warm but damp ... so Tranquillity, described as vigorous and healthy, is our trial - if it survives and does well we'll be growing more. I also cut one of the white hollyhock spires, some sprays of verbena bonareinsis Lollipop, lavender and baby's breath (Gypsophila Festival White) to add to the 'arrangement'. There's even a couple of pinks, survivors from last week's vase, tucked in at the sides - too pretty to throw away yet.
All those pinks and reds needed a bit of green so added some Escallonia - love the glossy leaves - and then I thought I should include a nod to the season we are in now so I've popped in a few autumnal sprays of berries from the old Cotoneaster we've inherited with the garden. It's massive and just as it was smothered in blossom earlier in the year it is now smothered in berries - as plants go this one has really earned its place in the garden :)
And just in case you were wondering where the vase has been placed this week ... our newly tiled fireplace. It's more a decorative feature than working one but it looks very cosy for all that, and it's going to look fabulous all decked up for Christmas :)

There's not much left in flower in the garden now, although more than would normally be expected at the end of November. I think it is going to be increasingly more difficult to fill a vase over the next couple of months but I'm determined to keep it up for as long as possible.

While walking around the garden today I did spot a few bluebell shoots popping through ... as we move into winter proper it's reassuring know that the spring flowers are on their way. Another reminder that spring will come no matter what is the seed distribution list from the Cottage Garden Society that popped through the letterbox this week. Members collect seeds from their own gardens and donate them to the CGS so that,

"in the depth of winter, you have the delightful task of choosing several packs of seeds that you would like to receive from a list of over 1500. Send off the order, with a small sum to cover postage, and come February, they will be with you!"  (CGS 2014)

I've made my selection, and it's entirely down to my participation over the last few months (19 vases to be exact) in Cathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday, that most of the seeds chosen are for plants suitable for cutting. I can't wait to start sowing  :)

Hope you've had a ver happy Monday.


Sandra H said...

So pretty and colourful Elizabeth are your flowers x

Anonymous said...

Gosh - look at all those roses! Cutting all remaining buds was a brave but probably sensible thing to do - might have to consider that myself! Yours look lovely with the addition of your extra bits - thanks for sharing. Bluebell shoots appearing though....?!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, I've tried leaving comments a few times and they don't always go through, but I enjoy your arrangements. This week's roses are so lovely. Glad you can enjoy them this late in the season.

Jackie said...

What a pretty vase of roses, they look wonderful against the red tiles :o)
Jackie xx

Carole Pollard said...

Gorgeous flowers they look great considering the time of the year .Love the new fireplace so cosy.Love and hugs Carole x

Sarn said...

Love the last of the roses vase you're showing Elizabeth. New fireplace looks great too.

Lovely idea about the CGS too.

Hugs, Sarn xx

Kris Peterson said...

I'm glad you were able to save so many beautiful roses from the deepening chill, Elizabeth. You created a beautiful and festive bouquet and displayed it with the perfect backdrop. I look forward to seeing your spring blooms too.

Donna said...

Oh my Elizabeth....all those roses to adorn your house. And that pitcher is perfect as it sets them off. What a treat!

Greta said...

Gorgeous arrangement!