Monday, 10 November 2014

In A Vase On Monday - Slim Pickings

Evening Everyone,

Slim pickings indeed! The pickings in the garden are now limited to foliage, berries, a few lingering roses and not much else. So, because it is Remembrance Day tomorrow, and having no poppies in bloom, I decided to fall back on one of the roses together with a few sprigs of ivy.
The rose is the aptly named 'Faithful'. I've no idea which ivy this as it was already established in the garden when we moved in but I can tell you it's tenacious ... it has survived my husband's indiscriminate weeding methods. He has a strong dislike for ivy, especially if it is growing up the walls of the house ... rightly or wrongly he is of the opinion that it causes damage and damp. This jury member is still out!!!

And slim again with the bud vase which is a very special keepsake from my time as an undergraduate. I was very fortunate to study at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, for a year as part of my degree from the University of Manchester. I keep the vase alongside my graduation photo ... they are a constant reminder of an amazing period in my life as a mature student (non-traditional age) ... graduating the year of my 50th birthday - happy times :)
My camera doesn't do the red of the rose justice but in this close-up a dewdrop can be clearly seen glistening on one of the petals ... I love dewdrops :)

Incidentally, this post has been written whilst listening to my newest acquisition, Moods - A World of Emotions  ... an early birthday present from me to me ... and, so far, not one bad track on it :)

Once again, many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this wee challenge, In a Vase on Monday, and for encouraging me to bring a little of the garden inside each week to enjoy!

Wishing you a happy week.


Anonymous said...

Well done for your degree as a mature student - must have been a great experience, but still tough with other things going on in your life as well, as they would be for a mature student. And an early birthday early(mine is in a few weeks...)? Your vase shows so well how effective minimal and simple contents can be - it's lovely and needs no further embellishment. Interesting to hear the mixed opinions about the ivy - I love it but I think I would be reluctant to have it growing up the house. Lots of fences and walls and hedges for it climb up instead though! Thanks for sharing

Sandra H said...

How lovely to see that your rose is still in full bloom it's gorgeous and looks lovely in the slim vase and even more to see your photo too Elizabeth and thank you for sharing this xx

Anonymous said...

Your rose is quite beautiful Elizabeth. It is wonderful you pursued your degree when the time was right.

Jackie said...

Very beautiful and just right in that lovely bud vase. I finde that red is very difficut to photograph too and I have 2 very decent cameras besides my tablet and mobile ones :o)
Jackie xx

Julia Dunnit said...

It's a lovely thing to join in with Elizabeth, I must say. Your vase looks lovely, I think whether accidentally or not, the single red rose is wholly appropriate for this week. I cannot discuss tenacious ivy without losing my grip, so I will simply brag that I have two rose buds hanging on...!

Anonymous said...

HI Elizabeth, this is the perfect choice for the day and shows that more is less. Best wishes!