Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Scrapbook Pages

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know I'm participating in a scrapping challenge at the moment. It's helped me to up my output of scrap pages considerably. This is not only good, but also something of a miracle because I'm the slowest scrapper ever! 

For the challenge this week we have, again, five requirements, one of which is to use black and white with just one other colour in each layout and another is to have a one word title.

Here's the pages that I've made so far.

The photos are of my husband's great niece's wedding in 2006. The bridesmaids were in pink so I chose that as the other colour. It was a particularly lovely and happy wedding. The toastmaster, who is the actor Mark Charnock's father (Marlon in Emmerdale) was brilliant and made everything go like a well-oiled machine.

Memories of a trip to Boston with my mother in 1996. She loved the market hall in the centre of the city. Mum had never been out of the UK until then so it was a great big adventure for her. These photos capture that memory for me.

Much more up-to-date this time. Two photos taken a couple of years ago. Both my great-niece and great-granddaughter are fans of Minnie Mouse and take every opportunity to dress up like her. Not that I blame them - who wouldn't want to be dressed from head to toe in Minnies and polka dots! I was a huge fan too when I was a wee girl but I don't remember ever dressing up as Minnie.

The Spotty Cafe
Was unable to stick to a one-word title for this page - it just had to be The Spotty Cafe. We spotted (pardon the pun) this cafe whilst out driving on holiday in Yorkshire. It's an amazing sight and we just had to stop. it's really the Bank View Cafe in Langsett but of course it's now more commonly known as The Spotty Cafe. In 2014 the owners repainted it to celebrate the Tour de France passing it's door.

I'm sure some of you wonder why I find it so important to scrap my photos rather than just leave them in photo albums or leave them stored on my computer never to be printed. Well, I couldn't put it better than Laura Alberts has in this article here

Right, I better get back to scrapping - there's a challenge to be done.

Have a wonderful day.

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Carole Pollard said...

All gorgeous such happy memories love and hugs Carole x