Friday, 6 July 2018

Friday Smiles

Evening Everyone,

It's been a week full of smiles and the hot weather we've been having has a lot to do with it so here I am again joining in with Annie's smiles meme on A Stitch In Time.

First up are some of my roses.

This is just a small selection from our ever-expanding collection but they are all gorgeous and most are perfumed too. Just going to the bin at the back door is a pleasure at the moment because the air is so heavily scented from this climbing rose called Susie.

Also making me smile is Alfie here.
We took a trip down to Creetown in Galloway by way of the coastal road and could not resist the opportunity to pop into Ballantrae's garden centre to say hello to Alfie. He can never resist a mint humbug.

Our trip to Creetown was to visit the Heritage Museum there.
And what an interesting heritage the little village has too. Here's just a wee selection of photos taken inside.

This really caught my eye and made me laugh. A vacuum cleaner stowed in a table!

The Table

Inside the vacuum table.
And here's the Wicker Man.
No, not my husband in front! Creetown was the location for some scenes in the 1973 horror film, The Wicker Man, starring Edward Woodward. It was also famous for the high quality granite mined from nearby quarries. Some of which was used to build Liverpool Docks.

Finally a photo of the beautiful quilted wallhanging the ladies of Creetown have made to celebrate their village's history.

Our time in the museum was altogether fascinating and entertaining and well worth the visit. There's also a Gem Rock Museum there but we ran out of time so we will have to go back for another visit soon.

It's a very photo-heavy post this week but, believe me, I've left out many more photos than I have shared. You would be here forever if I included them all but I hope you've enjoyed those I've selected.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Annie said...

Oh yes I’ve enjoyed all your photos Ellie. I could almost smell the roses from here.Alfie looks gorgeous and the museum looks well worth a visit to sometime. I’d love an hour playing with the old sewing machine. Have a great weekend.
Annie x

Lisca said...

Oh I don’t mind lots of photos! Thanks for taking me with you on your trip to Creetown. The heritage museum is great. I remember lots of things like the washing hanging in front of the fire, the singer sewing machine and the Van Houten’s Cacao. But not the vacuum cleaner in the table.
Your roses are gorgeous. The fragrance is an unforgettable bonus. You are certainly having a warm summer, (like 1976). Remember?
Have a lovely weekend,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I NEVER tire of photos, Elizabeth. They make me feel like I was there with you and visiting a place I am sure I'll never see in my lifetime. So feel free to NEVER hold back on the photos.

I have a pink rose (ironically called Queen Elizabeth), but it has never smelled. It's pretty, but has no scent. I can almost imagine your beautiful roses and their scent.

Sorry I was late getting here. I hope your weekend is fabulous and you are smiling right now.

Sandra H said...

Ooh Elizabeth your post is so interesting l love the roses l can almost smell the fragrance from here and how nice that when you open your back door you can smell them too! the photos of your visit to Galloway they are so interesting too love the hover in the take care sending lots of love x