Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday Smile

Afternoon Folks

It's Friday, time to share something of what has made me smile this week with Annie at A Stitch In Time. It's been another hectic week at Chez Worthington - so much to do and so little time! - and it's taken until this afternoon to find time to sit down and think about what has got me smiling over the last seven days. On reflection, there's been a lot but I've decided that there's only really one photo I want to share and it's this.
Sunset over Ayr. Stunning, isn't it? Taken yesterday evening on our way home from a lovely day out with friends. We took a trip through Galloway Forest Park and stopped at Clatterinshaws Loch. The scenery was wonderful, as was the weather - wall-to-wall sunshine. Returning home late, tired and weary after our lovely day, looking forward to a much needed cuppa, we were treated to the prettiest sight - sheep in the meadows, rolling hills and, in the distance, the sun setting over the sea ... perfect! We just had to stop and admire it, our weariness temporarily forgotten.

Now for my joke this week - another tale from the Highlands of Scotland.

Big Maggie and the Pig

In the small Highland town of Drumcrian, over a wee dram, the farmers and crofters of the community had gathered together to discuss some important issues concerning future developments in hill farming.

About midway through the meeting, Big Maggie stood up and spoke passionately, and at some length. 

Before Maggie could finish her rant, one of the older farmers got up and asked, 

"What does she know about anything? I would like to ask Big Maggie if she knows how many toes are on a pig?!?!"

Quick as a flash Big Maggie rounded on him and replied, 

"Take off your boots and count them."

And that is how Big Maggie met Donald!


If you are a regular follower of the tales of Donald, you may remember from previous weeks that Big Maggie and Donald are husband and wife :) 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead brings you much to smile about.


Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth. That photo is just stunning.....I love it. What a lovely way to end a special day out.
I had a good chuckle at this week's joke :-)
Annie x

Krisha said...

LOVED the joke and, yes, the photo is stunning and well worth many, many smiles.

Twiglet said...

That is such a great photo Elizabeth! Oh and the joke was a good one too. x Jo

Barb said...

That's a really beautiful photo Elizabeth. It looks so peaceful. Glad you had a good visit with your friends. I enjoyed the joke about Maggie and Donald. Barbxx

Anne said...

Beautiful photo and enjoyed the joke :-) Anne x

mamapez5 said...

Enjoyed the Maggie-Donald story, but the photo took my breath away. So beautiful Thanks for sharing. Kate x

Pollard Carole said...

Beautiiful photo and thanks for my Friday smile hugs Carole x

sue jones said...

Such a beautiful photo. Your tale made me laugh too.x Have a good week. Soojay

Lisca Meijer said...

What a lovely photo! You certainly live in a beautiful area.
Yes, the joke made me chuckle out loud!
Have a great weekend,

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth happy Friday - wow your sunset is just glorious...I'm mesmerized by them too and over the beautiful Scottish landscapes just wonderful. A good chuckle with Maggie and Donald too, enjoy your weekend Robyn

JoZart Quilts said...

Elizabeth, your photo should be a screen saver so you can look at it every day untill the next perfect one comes along.
love the story!
Jo x