Wednesday 6 September 2017


Morning Everyone ...

... it's still morning here but only just!

Sorry I had to miss WOYWW last week but my grandson was home from Shetland and he stayed with us on an overnight visit. It was lovely to see him and I wouldn't miss his visits for the world. It just means I don't go anywhere near the craft room while he's here but I've made up for it since so have lots to show you.
First up is the desk and there's a swarm of bees on it. They're made with a cute wee die I picked up at The Range yesterday - more of which later. So what you see is the materials I've picked out for the project: a pile of scraps in yellow and black and some white 3" square card bases. Also out is the small guillotine and and the Sapphire die-cutting machine - it's dinky size is just perfect for the job. At the back, in the glass dish, is a little pile of dies, also from yesterday's trip to The Range.
Seriously, I only went in to buy the pack of clear plastic bags but I couldn't resist adding some card blanks and ...
... when I spotted these tiny dies they just fell into my basket - nothing to do with me, you understand!
I also nipped into Dunelm Mill for more interfacing for another project I've been working on - don't you just hate it when you run out of stuff right in the middle of what you're doing?!?! It meant a mercy dash to the nearest store which, for me, is Kilmarnock. And, of course, I couldn't resist the polka dotted fabric, sigh! Fortunately, I have a plan and it will be used up fairly soon in the project that I'll be making at the quilting classes I go to - they're starting again next week.

And finally, here's the project that needed the interfacing. Twelve little fabric trays made for the ladies who will be attending my daughter's EPP (English Paper Piecing) workshop this Saturday. I'm hoping they will be just the thing for them to put their hexagons in while they are working on them.

It's only 24 days to the WOYWW Crop 2017 now. I'm so excited and looking forward to meeting up with the deskers who'll be there. Of course I'm in a dither as to what to pack in the tote. I'll forget something important I'm sure. Though I'm assured there's going to be a lot of chatting and not a lot of crafting. Whatever, it's sure to be fun.

So that's what's on my desk today. It's a wet, wet day, perfect for staying indoors and catching up with what's on your desk too.

Happy WOYWW to you and have a wonderful crafty week.


Annie said...

I'm doing a whistle stop trip around my favourite bloggers friends between customers....first arrived 8.30 and I've already shortened 5 pair of trousers. Many more due to come today cos some idiot decided to offer 10% off her Memory bears this week.
You know how to make me smile Ellie......I really love your little fabric boxes. Fancy new crafty stash just falling into your basket too 😀😀😀 I have a man in my life who knows to hold my hand firmly when anywhere near fabrics hehehe. Really looking forward to the crop too.
Annie x #12

Belinda said...

Oh Elizabeth, let me wipe the drool before I comment...those dies are so cute. I love the detail in all of them and the bee is a fantastic size.
I love those fabric trays you made. That is so cute. I want to make one. I must learn because I love the quarter fabrics they sell at Joann's fabric here.
Having family visit is the best. My sister is coming tomorrow and staying for a week and it will be fantastic but I hear you, the craft table does get a bit of neglect but for good reason.
Have a blessed day!
Belinda #32

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Elizabeth, I can see why those dies fell into your basket. I have to avoid the Range unless I have spare cash and leave my card at home. Fabulous fabric trays; pretty and useful at the same time. I'm hoping to make it to the crop with my crafty friend, but won't know for certain until next week. Happy WOYWW Sarah #19

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm not surprised you've not heard of Fen Fiddleheads, lol, your comment made me have another look at what I'd typed. It should have been FERN fiddleheads. What am I like? So looking forward to the crop too- especially as there are so many first timers coming. Looking forward to meeting all of you. There will be little crafting done, but plenty of chatting and eating of cake, if previous ones are anything to go by. :) Love those little baskets, and now I have to go visit The Range- I love that bee die.Must have one. That I'll do Friday morning, I expect. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

Helen said...

no, a complete accident, of course!! I don't have a Range near me (probably as well!) the dies - especially the bee - are gorgeous! Helen #1

May said...

We missed you last week... so glad you got time to spend with your Grandson..those pesky dies have a habit of jumping into baskets what can we do except give them a home... love the spotty fabric and the fabric baskets for your daughters class they are perfect... Have a happy creative week ahead... May #10

Lindart said...

Those baskets are so cute! Those ladies will be thanking their lucky stars they attended the workshop! Do they get to keep them? I love the bee die, must have a look for that! I know how frustrating an maddening it is when things just jump into your cart on their own, you just HAVE to take them home for severe punishment! Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

Anne said...

Hello again Elizabeth :-) I would definitely give u everything for a visiting grandson/granddaughter :-)
Love all the goodies you have shown us! The 'fabric trays' are super. I am also looking forward to the crop- it will be lovely to meet more 'deskers' x Anne x #17

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth. I've not been to the Range for ages and might have to just give it a visit soon. Hope you have a great woyww and a happy crafty week. Angela x14x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Lovely post, Eizabeth I'm not WOYWWing but popped over to say hi, I boogged on Tues so can't seem to manage more than one aweekmthese days too many days out. Love the tidy boxes, how clever and hat bee die looks really great... and few of other sim having fun buying CCD ..according to RosA it's Cheap China dies, and another arrived today. Love it!! Fun without guilt as only a few dollars.
Bloggy hugs, Shaz.x

Julia Dunnit said...

It will be so good to see you both at the Crop! Whatever you do bring, don't set yourself any achievement may very well not happen! I did the same thing with the dies at the range...I got the pennants, a set of penguins and a 'LOVE' word. Love your little dachshund!
Those fabric trays are such a nice inclusion for the workshop, these touches really make a difference.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, you won't be doing much crafting at the Crop so don't stress too much, lol!! Really looking forward to seeing you again 💖 The Range is a very tempting shop and I get quite a bit of fabric from Dunelm, especially in the sale. Those fabric baskets are brill, they're not hard to make but very effective.
Hugs LLJ 8 xx

BJ said...

Oh loving those dies, and wondering if my local shop will stock them as not sure we have a Range near here. Thanks for sharing BJ#21