Saturday, 4 February 2017

Saturday Smiles

Happy Saturday,

Hope you are enjoying your day, and your weekend so far. I've been busy these last two days so not had much time and even less energy to post here. Even missed Annie's Friday Smiles but thought I'd catch up today, so here goes with the things that made me smile this week.

On Sunday we took a trip to nearby Bellisle Estate to see the recently restored Conservatory.
The first conservatory was built in 1879, it was rebuilt in 1955, closed in 2005, rescued again in 2010 and finally reopened in July 2016. It is now filled with beautiful flowers and plants and is looking fabulous. However, a new tiled floor, in the style of the original, is being laid so, unfortunately, it's temporarily closed to the public, opening again at Easter. Because of that, we had to make do with walking around it and peeking through the windows to see how the work is progressing.
This is one of the side doors to the conservatory - it has a very intriguing sign attached.
And here's the explanation:
Being under the flight path for Prestwick Airport we are used to all sorts flying overhead but this has got to be the most unusual to date!

We also spotted these very welcome signs of Spring.

Just what we need after all the bad weather we've been getting.

Yesterday I had to go into town and was delighted to discover this fabulous, newly opened, vintage shop,
I like nothing better than a good rootle around shops like these.
Looking at what the EM refers to as yesterday's cast offs.  I tell him that there's treasure to be had in a shop like this, and I was right.
I couldn't resist these beautiful hand embroidered cloths. I can just imagine the time it took to stitch all the lazy daisies, the roses and the bluebirds.

And having just rediscovered the pleasure of hand knitting I was delighted to find these three patterns in a stack of old books and leaflets. Now I just need to find time, and the yarn, of course, to knit them up :)

Finally, found online this seemed appropriate.

Wishing you a very happy week full of reasons to smile.


Annie said...

Hi Ellie. It's never too late to share your smiles and they certainly got me smiling. What fab finds.
Annie x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, so pleased to see the conservatory open. That is one impressive building. The shop looks interesting too, I still have a spinning wheel in my loft. Have a great weekend and lots more smiles, Angela xXx

Carole Pollard said...

What great finds and lovely photos you are so lucky to have this new shop I love these type of places there are sadly not many around these days in our shopping centres love and hugs Carole x

Hos Egebjerg said...

Hello Elisabeth. Thank you for your visit on my blog, it was sweet of you. I can see that spring is also on the road with you. I look forward to sun and heat. It's a great vintage store you have found. I could spend much money in such a store. It's probably pretty tablecloths you bought, very good workmanship. The fabrics are right for a summer garden with tea and cakes. Hugs from Leila

Sarah said...

Signs of Spring always make me happy as does finding a new vintage shop to rummage around in. Those cloths are so pretty, I wouldn't have been able to leave them there either.

Lynn Holland said...

Oh my goodness it's a good job I don't live nearby or I'd never be out of that shop. Don't know whether to thank you or not for sharing haha
Lynn x