Friday, 24 February 2017

Friday Smiles

Morning Smilers,

I hope you have all had a very happy week with lots to smile about. As it's Friday I'm joining Annie at A Stitch In Time with this post showing just a little of what has made me smile this week.

First up is this little guy.
He's Clarence and he was in bits on Wednesday but I've had time to sew him together and give him a tail. Why Clarence? Well, he's just a little cross-eyed and those of you as old as me might just remember the popular TV series called Daktari (c1966) which featured a cross-eyed lion called, you've probably guessed, Clarence.

Next up are some photos taken at Corsehill Park & Gardens where the crocus are out in all their glory.
 There must be thousands as they have spread throughout the entire length and breadth of the park!
Crocus as far as the eye can see.
Just a few of the different colours/varieties I found.
Himself  enjoying a bit of a rest among the crocus.
Tip-toeing through the tulips crocus!

Finally, in the same garden these very gnarled tree roots.
When I was a child I played in a woodland that had many old trees with roots like these. I was a very imaginative child, head full of Enid Blyton's stories of fairies and pixies, so to me these roots were fairy villages. My favourite game was to imagine that they made their homes in the nooks and crannies the roots provided. I'm grown up now but I still can't see these root formations without hoping for a glimpse of the little people - you never know, Enid Blyton could have been telling us the truth!

No funnies today but I hope the above photos make you smile too.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Karen Dunbrook said...

he turned out adorable....
Love seeing the pics of your crocuses coming up...mine are still far from being up as we still have snow here in Ontario, Canada.

Lisca said...

Yours is a glorious post too. All those lovely crocusses! A joy to the eye!
Yes, I am old enough to remember Clarence. As soon as I saw the name Clarence, I though of the boss-eyed lion. I have never known anybody else with the name Clarence. (It sounds like something out of a Agatha Christie story). Anyway, your Clarence is very cute.
Love the gnarled tree roots. I used to be an Enid Blyton fan (remember Noddy?) and had all the books (and read them too. In English as our dad taught us English from an early age).
Have a good week,
Keep smiling,

Annie said...

Oh yes....we are obviously of similar minds. I was very into little fairies and pixies....and still am as you can see of all the little peg dolls I've made lately. The crocuses are stunning but I couldn't help think you were squatting for a wee in the one pic....oops sorry.
Annie x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth. My dental appointment went well. What a way to start the weekend though. The crocus field is beautiful!
Your yellow lion is very cute!

Barb said...

Clarence looks very handsome Elizabeth and I love his mane. Yes I do remember Daktari very well. The crocus photos are beautiful. I'm sure you are quite right and fairies do live at the bottom of that lovely old tree! Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, lovely photos and pleased you had time to finish Clarence, he's lovely! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Clarence is adorable and he doesn't look cross-eyed to me.
I love the crocus field. My son sends me photos like that from a church yard in Copenhagen. Everyone goes to see them.
And the old tree roots - well I am with you there too. Lots of opportunities to spot a fairy house! It is just the sort of thing I take photos of too when I am out. Thanks for sharing. Kate x

Tina Z. said...

woo, beautiful photos, I love your spring ...and wow, amazing lion!