Monday, 27 February 2017

In A Vase On Monday - It's Daffodil Time

Hello Everyone,

"It is daffodil time, so the robins all cry,
 For the sun's a big daffodil up in the sky,
And when down the midnight the owl calls "to-whoo"!
Why, then the round moon is a daffodil too;
Now sheer to the bough-tops the sap starts to climb,
 So, merry my masters, it's daffodil time."
Clinton Scollard, Daffodil Time

I had no difficulty deciding what would go into these four bottles for Cathy's  A Vase on Monday this week. It's definitely daffodil time in my garden now. Two years ago my husband planted over one hundred mixed daffodils, or more correctly narcissus, around the garden and this week we are reaping the rewards. I should say that although we have plenty of buds outside it isn't until we bring them inside that the flower heads open out in the warmth of the house. 

So far the ones I've picked have been the same all-yellow variety, though I have no idea what variety that is, except for this one which has a sunny orange trumpet.
Another vase. This one is in our hall. It's cooler there so the blooms take longer to open out, and last longer too.

We've had a few storms recently, Doris and Ewan, upsetting our bird visitors and knocking down a daffodil or two but apart from that doing very little damage. However, since then the weather does seem to be improving with the temperature rising which means I've been able to do a bit of garden work again. It's just a bit of tidying up after the winter but it feels so good to potter outside for half an hour or so once more, and lovely to spot green shoots emerging promising so much more to come. 

Enjoy your gardening week.


Craftychris said...

Beautiful daffodils! I am glad you are getting outside in the garden again. xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a 4 bottle crate - that's more versatile than the usual 6 bottle crates like the one I have. Isn't it a joy to pick the first daffodils, as I too have done this week? And lovely too to get out in the garden again and see all those new shoots and signs of spring :)

joanna uk said...

Aren't they a boon this bleak time of year, with their sunny disposition.
Every year I wish I hd more of them, to light up the house.
Nice to meet you

Kris Peterson said...

I'm glad you're getting a storm break! I'm waiting for one myself so O can get some mulch spread. The cheerful daffodils are a joy to see.

AlisonC said...

So cheerful and so welcome. I agree it's so good to get out again.

scrappymo! said...

We have 2 inches of snow today and the three wee crocus blooms (which are the only blooms in my garden at the mo) are now buried!
You are so lucky to have booms for so much of the year. I am
Your daffs look wonderful!

Tina Z. said...

I could watch these photos all day long ...

Anonymous said...

So cheerful! Lovely to see your daffs... mine will be a couple fo weeks yet but we have also had milder weather and I know exactly what you mean about finally getting outdoors to do some pottering! :)

Valerija said...

Gorgeous photos. I just love daffodils!
Valerija xx

Sandra H said...

So pretty mine are just coming up not ready for opening as yet xx