Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday Smile

Hi Everyone,

I just discovered this on Tara Kelley's blog, A Life Worth Scrappin' and just had to share it.

A man came home from work and found his 3 children outside, still in their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn around garden, The door of his wife's car was open, as was the front door to the house and no sign of the dog, walking in the door, he found even bigger mess. A lamp had been knocked over, the throw rug was against one wall, In the front room the TV was on loudly with the cartoon channel, the family room was strewn with toys and various items of clothing. In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, breakfast food was spilled on the counter, the fridge door was open wide, dog food was spilled on the floor, a broken glass lay under the table, and a small pile of sand was spread by the back door. He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over toys and more piles of clothes, looking for his wife. He was worried she might be ill, or that something serious had happened. He was met with a small trickle of water as it made its way out the bathroom door. As he peered inside he found wet towels, scummy soap and more toys strewn over the floor. Miles of toilet paper lay in a heap and toothpaste had been smeared over the mirror and walls. As he rushed to the bedroom, he found his wife still curled up in the bed in her pyjamas, reading a novel... She looked up at him, smiled and asked how his day went. He looked at her bewildered and asked, 'What happened here today?' She again smiled and answered, 'You know every day when you come home from work and you ask me what in the world do I do all day?... ''Yes," was his incredulous reply.. She answered, 'Well, I didn't do it.'


I'm sure there are more than a few frazzled mums out there wishing they could just let it all go for one day too :))

Other things making me smile this week:

After the appalling summer last year and the equally disastrous spring we've just been through I thought this rose was lost forever. But Felicia ... can you think of a more beautiful name for her ... has come back flowering even better than before. And her perfume is sublime :)

And finally,
I picked this jug up in a charity shop recently and it makes me smile every time it catches my eye. As do the flowers from my garden ... those sweet peas are the EMs pride and joy ... more sublime perfume :)

Have a great weekend everyone, however and wherever you spend it.


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Tee hee! That really made me laugh. Sometimes I think mothers are so underrated - with all they do!

What a lovely rose too. Thank you for sharing.


Nan G said...

Oh for smell-a-blog! Gorgeous rosé, I love roses! LOL "I didn't" :)

Angela Toucan said...

beautiful flowers

Angie said...

Not sure where to start ...all I know is I want that would make me smile too.
I have to say that I love sweet peas too ...its the scent ...but I have never grown them.
The story...made me broadly smile is so true though. My home is and was chaotic as I put other things before some of the chores but I dread to think what would happen if I did nothing !!!!Why is it so many husbands think that Mums at home do nothing ...and even working mums still have to work and keep the home running.

Have a lovely weekend xx

Sandra H said...

l can relate to that main gorgeous flower Elizabeth and l love your jug of flowers too xx

Annie said...

I remember days like that when mine were little :-) Looking back now it makes me wonder how I ever did it all but of course I was younger then and could move mountains :-)
thanks for the giggle.
Annie x

Anne said...

Made me giggle Elizabeth. I think my house would look like that tonight if I had not tidied up. Have two GS's staying and this afternoon all four grandchildren were here!Great times though ;-)
Lovely sweet peas - mine are doing well. Remind me of my dad who loved to grow them. Anne x

MagsB said...

What an excellent story! Sometimes, getting the house looking as organised at 8pm as it is at 8am takes all day!

Your rose is beautiful, I'm so glad it survived last year's downpours!

love Mags B x

Cathy said...

Gorgeous flowers Elizabeth, great find in the jug too! Your story made me laugh, it's a balancing act alright!! Cathy x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh that was a beaut, Elizabeth!! *chuckle*

.. and those flowers! that rose is truly breathtaking - thanks for sharing them and the sweetpeas they are some of my favourite flowers and have not grown them for few years now.
I just resolved yest. next March I am going to plant them (that's when we do it here) and the two passionfruit vines are coming out for several years, as that was sweetpea spot and it needs a rest so what could be better??

Do tell EM I agree with his opinion of them :D Shaz in Oz.x

Jackie said...

Brilliant, made me laugh. Lovely photographs too :o)
Jackie xx

Twiglet said...

Great story - it will ring a bell with lots of "house wives"!! Your little jug is lovely - sweetpeas are one of my favourites. x Jo

Hettie said...

Very good Elizabeth. Love that rose. It is gorgeous.
I wish I could find a jug like that at a charity shop. They were expensive only a few years ago!

MaryH said...

Got a good laugh on your story. Sometimes that can sorta be true with the crafting things too, when nothing gets done that ought to! Can I please borrow your EM to do some gardening at our place? These lovelies were stunning in your cute pitcher. Bet they smell divine too. Loved Miss Felicia,and you're right...a perfect name for this pink rose. TFS a delightful post.