Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shirred Baby's Dress

Evening Everyone,

Hope you've been enjoying a good day wherever you are. It's been a hot day here in Ayr and I have to admit I've been avoiding the sun. And where better to avoid it but in the craft room.

I managed to finish this little dress for my great-niece Arihanna. Her mum brought her over yesterday to be measured and at 18 months she growing fast. She's full of life, constantly on the move and into everything - I was lucky to get her to stand still long enough to be measured :)

So, as you can see, it's a simple little cotton sundress with a shirred bodice. I must confess that the last time I made one of these was for my daughter when she was four or five years old - she's now in her forties! I had to refer to my ancient Singer Sewing Book (I have the 1954 edition - a gift from my mother) to remind myself how to do a French seam. And those shoulder ties were the very devil to make - I'd clearly forgotten how fiddly they are and may resort to ribbon should I make another. It has a very deep hem so it can be let down as Arihanna grows.

Her mum has asked if I could make a headband to match and I'm at a loss ... I've never made one before ... they weren't fashionable when my daughter was a baby. I'd welcome any suggestions on how to make one - the easier the better :)

Tomorrow is going to be, to borrow the BBC weathergirl Carol's term, a 'scorchio'  - it's summer at last :)

Okay, that's me done for the day ... it's late and I should be in bed by now.

Goodnight everyone,


Steve Finnell said...


Marie-Louise said...

Well done Elizabeth. It looks lovely and Arihanna will be nice and cool in her pretty dress.

scrappymo! said...

Very pretty indeed! I am so impressed with your sewing have been putting that new machine to good use.

1. For the headband I would purchase a good quality elastic headband. Over here the wide ones are in style.
Choose a coordinating colour to your fabric. Make a flower from your fabric to attach or maybe even a cluster of a medium size and 2 smalls. Sew to the headband.
Or you could
2. Sew a tube from your fabric, twice as long as you need the headband to be. Turn so seam is on inside. Press. Cut a piece of elastic the length you need plus seam allowance. Stick a large saftey pin through the elastic and push through the tube. Pin final tale of elastic to the bottom edge and keep pushing pin through till it arrives at front end of the tube. Pin to that edge. The fabric will now have ruffled onto the elastic. Sew the pined edges together taking care to anchor the elastic as you sew. If you did it like a welted (stitched down)french seam, you would hide any cut edges.
Sew a tube of fabric to reach about one inch beyond one ear to just beyond the other. Press bottom edges of sewn tube to the inside and anchor a short piece of elastic so that it extends past the tube the distance that you are short for the circumference of her head. Sew shut. Custom cut the elastic to fit that shortfall and anchor it on the other side of the pressed under edges of the tube....
You will end up with a strip of fabric tube headband that has a small piece of elastic at the back hidden by her hair.
Personally I like choice 1. Easy peasy!

Cathy said...

What a pretty fabric Elizabeth, and very clever making shirring! The most I could manage when my boys were small was boxer shorts or tracksuit tops and bottoms! Cathy x

Jackie said...

What a pretty little dress, just right for the weather we have at the moment. Sorry to say I need it to cool down, I can't handle heat! :o)
Jackie xx

Rita said...

Good Morning Elizabeth. Beautiful dress and deserves a Ten out of Ten. Not much going on here today as its a Tennis afternoon for us all. Have a good day. Hugs Rita xx

Anne said...

That is a very sweet dress Elizabeth - the material is so pretty. Anne x

Sandra H said...

"WOW" Elizabeth this is gorgeous the material is beautiful l can see the little on wearing this and you being so proud as you should be your so creative xx

Unknown said...

What a lovely dress and really pretty fabric. No advice on a headband I'm afraid! XX