Thursday, 25 July 2013

Turquoise Patchwork Cushion

Good Morning Everyone,

I know some of you will be wondering why I haven't visited your desks and returned your comments of yesterday. Well, here's my excuse.
I just had to finish this cushion cover for my little sister, Jacqui, and get it into the post before it was too late. It's for her 55th birthday.
The design is made up of several strips of fabric, one of which is a patchwork made from different lengths of various pieces of the fabric. I've chosen a mix of cotton fabrics but the original pattern that gave me the idea (taken from the library book you can see in yesterday's post) is made from a mix of silk and velvet pieces - very nice if you have the materials available, I didn't.
Whilst making up the patchwork I added trim to three of the strips ... cream lace, rosebud trim, turquoise ribbons and three tiny buttons. In yesterday's appalling light, it was difficult to get good shots of the detail on the patchwork, and even with close-ups it's still not good, especially on the very pale fabric in the centre shot which has a combination of lace and ribbon trim added to it.

So that's the finished cover - I do hope Jacqui likes it.

And the reason for the appalling light, it was overcast but hot and humid all day long. Happily, the rain came on while I was sleeping, and it now feels fresher ... the garden looks all the better for it too ... when it rains through the night and the sun comes out in the morning it's like living in Camelot :))

Now that's done, I'll just get myself a quick cuppa and then it's bum on seat to return your visits.

Take care everyone and I hope you all have a lovely day,


Twiglet said...

It's really lovely! x Jo

Krisha said...

How pretty this turned out, I'm sure she is going to love it!

Sandra H said...

Awwww Elizabeth this is beautiful .....gorgeous colours too! x

Marie-Louise said...

I just love this Elizabeth. Gorgeous colours - great work.

Jackie said...

A very pretty cushion cover, I love the colours :o)
Jackie xx

MagsB said...

Oh how pretty!

love Mags B x