Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WOYWW - Week 130 - the dumping ground revealed

Evening Folks,

I'm oh so late to the party today ... in fact, thought I might have to give it a miss entirely due to the EM's accident - for the story see my earlier post. He has asked that I pass on his thanks to all the well wishers - they are much appreciated. He has been in terrible pain and quite unable to do much for himself since it happened. However, I'm glad to report that he has perked up a bit today and things are looking a bit brighter. Unfortunately, the dinner we planned for my birthday yesterday evening had to be postponed ... we will just have to celebrate at a later date.

Now, to the reason for the post ... what's on my desk ... well it's become a dumping ground and I feel I've probably just won my first merit badge as a WOYWWer!!!! My desk has become like so many other WOYWWer's :))

The box on the left, under the partially completed birthday card, contains my stock of A4 sized DP - most came free with magazines - I got them out with the intention of making good use of them but ... well, they're still there. The unfinished card ... I'm not happy with it so it's awaiting a tweak or two. Mind you, I'd better get a wriggle on because it's due for a 5th December birthday.  There's several piles of photographs at the back... the packet is full of pics taken in Italy in 1998 when we holidayed on the fabulous Amalfi coast ... what I'd give to be there now ... and on top are some photos of my lovely grandchildren - all awaiting sorting/scanning before scrapping. Next to them are some 2012 calendars - I intend to do something with them ... soon. The little pile of photos at the front are from a friend - they are so nice I'm planning to use them in a project ... some time soon. Underneath them are two scrapbook pages waiting to be blogged about. And then there's the memo pads - I'm going to re-cover them with DP, they will make nice stocking fillers, I think.

So that's it for this week. Anyone interested in joining in Julia's weekly blogathon, feel free to pop along to the Stamping Ground where you will be made most welcome - just click the WOYWW logo on my sidebar. I will be doing my best to pop in and check out as many desks as I can but I may fail miserably ... you see, I'm not only nursing the EM, but also carrying out a lot of his duties and responsibilities and he's an exacting task master :)))))) Off to make him a cuppa before I start this week's hop.

Wishing you all a great week and happy crafting,

Edited note: Many thanks to all who expressed an interest in the tutorial for the Christmas catalgue tree - I've posted it and you can find it here.

Also: this is the last day for the chance to win my celebration giveaway - click on the photograph on the sidebar and leave a comment to be included in the draw.


Marie-Louise said...

Glad to hear that Alan is feeling a bit more cheerful. A very belated Happy Birthday - so sorry I did not know the date. At least your delayed birthday dinner is something to look forward to when Alan is back to his normal form. Best wishes.

fairy thoughts said...

another busy desk and none of it is Christmassy.... quite a refreshing change. glad your husband is feeling better.
thanks for the folded tree post, i will wow them at work in the morning with the details
thanks for sharing

Pam said...

So sorry to hear of your nursing duties and the reasons hereto with. Hope all is well shortly but it's a rough way to put off turning another year older :D Loved the tree tutorial - my mum used to do that w/the Reader's Digest years ago and spraypaint them for church centerpieces. Brings back happy memories. Thanks for the visit...Amber and Pam

Neil said...

Hi there and thanks for the peek into your creative zone. Hope you have a brilliant week and have plenty of creative time! Hope it's not too long till you can celebrate properly and all is well in your world!
Neil #23

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Elizabeth, I do hope DH is improving, what a nasty shock, sect he'll be stiff and uncomfortable for a wee while. I don't know about you, I cope better with my own spills and ills..I really can't bear it when my lovelies are hurt.
And sorry to say that just because YOu think your desk needs a merit badge, hmmmmm....don't think so, still looks very tidy, if neglected because you're so busy! BUT you can have a distinction badge for being such a trouper.

sandra de said...

Hard to fit everything in at this busy time of the year. Although I think you look very organised I do hope DH mends quickly nothing worse then being unwell over the festive season.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh poor you and DH... :(. I really hope that you both pick up this week. Sending hugs and good wishes to you,
LLJ #39 xx

lisa said...

Hi Elizabeth.
I'm so sorry to read about your poor other half and his accident. I hope he starts to feel better very soon. I'm sure you'll have a lovely dinner when you manage to go even if it isn't actually on your birthday.
Your desk is looking very busy. Amalfi.... now that's somewhere on my wish list. How I'd love some Italian sunshine right now.
Hugs Lisax

Anonymous said...

How can your desk be a dumping ground when it looks so tidy, lol. Wishing you both well, and speedy healing for your poor DH.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ha ha, Elizabeth, did smile at the comments above about your desk not being as untidy as you think - all in the eye of the beholder isn't it - we all have our own grades of it. Praying for hubby and also for the kind caring nurse, so nasty it is.. love and God bless, Shaz in oz.x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've tried off and on for over a day to leave a comment and ran into a 404 error. I finally got here and read about EM. Sorry about that. That's a lovely layout on your desk, too. Happy belated WOYWW from #6 now.

Spyder said...

Hi Elizabeth! I'm late getting round as usual! Your desk looks busy again this week, (mine's just messy!) No way near ready for Christmas and can't believe it's already December. Hope your other half is feeling better. Have a crafty weekend, Happy WOYWW


Shoshi said...

Glad to hear your hubby is feeling a bit better now after his accident. Your desk looks nice and busy! Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #61

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

You may be late posting this week, but I am even later getting round the visiting bit. I have no idea where this week has gone. Thank you for your visit the other day. I have another recipe for using up bits of old cake and bread, which I will post soon - it is very moreish. Hope your invalid is feeling a bit better.