Monday, 29 February 2016

In A Vase On Monday - Just Take Eight Daffodils ...

... and four vases ...
... and this is the result.

Back in the autumn my husband planted one hundred daffodil bulbs and we have been reaping the benefits for a few weeks now. A few days ago, while they were still in bud, I cut these and brought them into the warm to encourage them to open up like this.
The surprise was the white ones - the pale lemon centre is lovely.
Then there's this one which is the oddest of them all ... I've not seen a daffodil that doesn't nod before!
The terracotta pipes in the background are going to be planted up with herbs once the weather is better. This is an adaptation of an idea I spotted in one of Geoff Hamilton's gardens at Barnsdale. That was many years ago but it has taken me quite a few more years to move to a house with a garden that has the ideal place in which to incorporate the idea. Oh, and the duck is a remnant from the days when my grandchildren were small and liked to explore gran's garden. There a snail and a tortoise around too.
One of the snowdrops that Cathy, our host of In A Vase On Monday,  very kindly sent me last year. Here it is growing in an area of lawn I've left to grow wild. It's a bit of an experiment to see what, if any, wild flowers might pop up amongst the grasses. If none do, I'll plant some myself.

That's it for In A Vase On Monday. Pop over to Rambling In The Garden to see Cathy's vase and find links to many more.


  1. Oh Elizabeth you are way ahead of us. My hubby collects daffodils. We have them in pots that are brought down the garden onto the patio and wall each year for us to enjoy from the house. We've not had one bloom yet this year.
    Enjoy your week. Barbxx

  2. What a cheery post, brightened my day seeing those darling daffs nodding.....well most of them 😉 Xxx

  3. So pretty love the photos love and hugs Carole x

  4. So lovely l do like to see the daffodils and snowdrops x

  5. A few years ago I planted a lot of bulbs, it seems the poisonous daffodils succeed the best in returning year after year. Your daffodils are lovely and sunny, Elizabeth, I hadn't seen one that held its flower up like that either. I do like all the double and butterfly forms, and the small ones in multiple sprays that tend to be more fragrant.

  6. How lovely to have so many daffodils, and a mix of types too! I hope my first ones will open in a week or so.

  7. I especially like the one that doesn't nod - wonder if anyone can identify what it might be? And the Barnsdale drainpipe idea is a great one. Barnsdale is about 50 miles from her and I have been there several times, sometimes meeting up with my 2 sisters who travel from a different part of the country. One time when I went on what started out as a very wet day I was the only person in the garden for over an hour!


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