Monday, 9 November 2015

In A vase On Monday - One I Made Earlier

Hello Everyone,

As it has been blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs over the last three days I've had no chance to nip out and pick some flowers for today's vase. Not that many flowers have survived anyway. That being so, I'm sharing a vase that was made earlier last week.
This arrangement is composed of four of the last rose buds, Simply The Best, L'Aimant and the unknown one that came with the garden.

There's also a few fuschia pink antirrhinums tucked in the front.
Sambucus Black Beauty makes a lovely contrast with the deep pinks and peaches.
Other foliage added - young eucalyptus and  ageratina altissima ‘chocolate’.

Hoping the weather is better for next Monday, though I think the pickings are going to be very slim by then. All the blooms on the Black Eyed Susan have gone but the asters, calendula, honeysuckle, corn marigolds and malva Mystic Merlin seem to be holding up despite the atrocious conditions out there.

Hope you are enjoyed rather better weather wherever you are.

Happy Gardening,


  1. Hello Elizabeth, beautiful arrangement of blooms, It's good that you still have some left after the awful gales, Kate x

  2. So pretty are your flowers Elizabeth x


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