Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday Smiles

Hi Everyone,

Making time to join in with Annie's Friday Smile - Week 142 today though I should really be out in the garden planting up some winter flowering violas that are patiently waiting for a new home. I'll do it later but first, here's the little one that has brought loads of smiles this week.
Our beautiful great-granddaughter, Lacie. She is so tiny but perfect

... of course, I'm totally biased. How cute are these tiny feet :)
Here she is having her hearing tested. An extra important test in our family as both her grandparents have been deaf since birth. I'm delighted to report her hearing is fine.

No joke again this week. Instead I have a couple of funnies from the Internet that made me chuckle so hopefully you will too.
The Boss is guilty of this ... crazy cat!

That last is sooooo true, says she who is going to the Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts Show in Glasgow tomorrow :) :) :)

Wishing you all a lovely smiley day,


  1. Hi Elizabeth. I love the latest pics of little Lacie. Such a cutie and so lucky to have joined such a wonderful family....I'm certain she will be spoiled rotten :-)
    Have a fun time at the Hobbycraft show tomorrow....think of me. I'd love to be there with you but have rather a lot of pressing jobs to do here at the mo lol
    Annie x

  2. Oh Elizabeht am with you int eh cuteness of your New little one, how gorgeous and even npbetter that hearing is well, smiled hugely at Boss doing the 4 am sprint but guess wouldn't if it was in my house. :D
    And yes enjoy the fair, sounds perfect to me ..enjoy your violas I love them too. As I recall you had amazing colours.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Oh Lacie is absolutely beautiful, lucky you having her as a great grandchild.
    Enjoy the craft fair, I was going to go, but just back from London last night and couldn't face another long trip, from Inverness, Kate x

  4. Oh what a little sweetie Lacie is - lovely name too. Enjoy the show - just my idea of a great day out - we used to go to Harrogate each year when I lived in Yorkshire. x Jo

  5. First, your baby is so gorgeous, I am hopeing I'll still be around for Great Grandchildren, fingers crossed. Second the cat quote is so true, our Rupert and Rowan are the two best at charging to and fro, usually when they need to use the tray, not sure why, lol
    And the one about craft supplies, how true, nothing makes me happier that wool, fabric or both and my family just don't understand me. I'd rather have a ball of wool than jewellery or perfume any day.

  6. Oh Lacie is soo cute! And she is even wearing little lace socks (of course)
    Smiled at the cat picture, and also at the last joke. So true...
    Have a good week,
    Thanks for visiting earlier,

  7. Oh those little bootees are gorgeous.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend Elizabeth

  8. Lacie is beautiful. I love their little feet too, and I also love that pretty little bootie!
    I never hear a sound from my cats at night. They must wear themselves outside all day!
    Enjoy your crafty day out. Kate x

  9. Awwww what a gorgeous little cutie. No wonder you are smiling.
    Great funnies.

  10. Hi Elizabeth, she is so sweet and so perfect. Babies are truly a miracle of nature. Have a lovely weekend, Angela x

  11. Oh aren't we blessed Elizabeth...Lacie is just the cutest, want to cuddle her - I'm patiently wait our second gd due any time now. Love the jokes, I can relate totally to both. Lots of smiling for us all this week Have a great weekend Robyn

  12. Congratulations- she is adorable. Have a great week . Soojay xx

  13. lovely post and Lacie is adorable. Love the quotes!
    jo x

  14. Hi Elizabeth,
    What a perfect little great! Those adorable little socks caught my attention. They are beautiful as is the baby. I'm glad her hearing test came back normal.

    The two funnies made me laugh. Even though I don't have a cat I can just imagine this happening! Sometimes Muffin "thinks" she hears something and runs down the stairs full speed barking. Yikes.

    As for buying new crafting supplies. I am REALLY trying to be good. I've bbeen clearing out things that I don't use so I'm hoping not to add anything for quite a while.

    I'mm finally getting around to Friday Smiles...


  15. Oh my--a truly beautiful baby & those booties are to die for! So glad her hearing test came out normal! Your funnies did make me giggle & the second one is true for sure! Enjoy your week, Elizabeth!

  16. Lacie is totally gorgeous. Glad everything ok with her hearing. Funny quotes too. Am late getting round, but what a great way to start the week! Take care Zo xx


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